Are you an IT Generalist?

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As an IT generalist I always had the additional challenges that specialists don’t face. I didn’t have access to a licensing specialist, or a database specialist or a deployment specialist. Within the organization that I was working for I was the “IT guy” and when something wasn’t working or needed to be upgraded or added to the network I was the guy. From Toners to telephone systems to paper jams to OS deployment I was the guy.

In Canada that is the majority of the IT Pro space. So how can we help address these challenges? Community groups are a great place to start and we recently launched a new community portal where you can get in touch with your local groups. You probably even do a little dev work so you can check out the MSDN community page as well. There is also events like TechDays and online resources such as the Springboard portal for Windows Vista.

There are a number of options out there to help the IT generalist. Did you know there was a Licensing help line? Call 1-877-568-2495. We also have a IT Guy/Gal blog posts on our IT Pro blog at Another program that would be of value for you as the IT guy/gal, is the TechNet Evaluation Center. This is where you can download all the available beta and trial software. You can easily register for the free download and then check your email for convenient resources that enhance your evaluation experience If you ever need help finding something be sure to email us via the Canitpro blog!

Rodney Buike
IT Pro Advisor, Microsoft Canada
P.S. Want to keep track of when TechDays is coming to your area? Download the TechDays Sidebar Gadget for Windows Vista and start counting down today!



What is Morgan James Publishing?

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I’m a Proud Member of Morgan James Publishing Network – the first and ONLY Publishing Network that credits Entrepreneurial approach to Publishing.

Morgan James has revolutionized book publishing – from the author’s standpoint.  Their Entrepreneurial Publishing™ model enriches authors as well as the company.

Actively working with authors to help them not only maximize revenue from their book royalties, but also build new business and increase their revenue substantially through follow-on sales to their readers.

One of Morgan James’s core values is having strong and mutually beneficial relationships.  “We’ve spent years developing many of the key business relationships that allows us to get our books in bookstores and the widespread Web coverage we’ve been able to achieve.  We intend to stay constant in our pursuit of positive relationships with people in all facets of our business, and we see that as a strategic advantage”, says David L. Hancock, Morgan James Founder.  

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Meet the Experts – Larry Doan

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California Attorney with 12 years experience in Immigration Law.
To see the Experts database in action – visit:

How to Promote Yourself as a LivePerson Expert, Part 2: Improve your Profile

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Val Slastnikov

In Part 2, you’ll be given a variety of tips and information
that we think will help you become a success on LivePerson.
Take a look around!

  • To start, create a great profile. Your profile is the first factor that potential clientsconsider when deciding which expert to hire. Here you’ll find tips on how to make

    yours shine!

How To Improve your Expert Profile:

1) Use a Sample Profile of a Successful Expert

2) Use LivePerson Prompters in “Edit your profile” section, such as: and create a great profile yourself

3) Utilize Other LivePerson Experts to create a winning profile!

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If you decide to use a Sample Profile or create a great profile yourself – these are the things to consider:

The Brief Description

The `brief description` is particularly important because it is a summary of your profile and it appears alongside the brief descriptions of other experts. You should write it in a way that immediately communicates your expert services and qualifications, and encourages potential clients to view the rest of your profile.

Make sure that your brief description matches the category in which it is listed or it may be deleted. Also, please note that the brief description field may not contain all capital letters.

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The Detailed Description

Describe what you have already said in the brief description here, but this time in greater detail. You want to build confidence so that the client will want to hire you. To do so, use clear, professional language.

Make sure that all your professional information matches the category in which it appears. While you are able to register under more than one sub-category, it`s very important that you don`t just paste the same profile under each listing. Take the time to create a new profile, customized for each specific sub-category.

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Degrees and Qualifications

Make sure that you list only relevant degrees or certifications in your profile. Academic degrees, certificate programs, and affiliation with professional organizations are suitable qualifications to list.

For example:


§ Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology, Columbia University, 1993

§ M.A. in Clinical Psychology, Columbia University, 1990

§ B.A. in Psychology, Columbia University, 1986

Licensed Psychologist in the state of New Jersey, License #864214, 1981 – Present

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Professional Experience

Describe any work experience which is directly relevant to your chosen category. Former jobs, freelance work, and even internships qualify as relevant professional experience.

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If you were a client looking for an expert, what terms would you enter into the search box on the LivePerson homepage to find an expert in your field? Enter a few keywords here that can help clients find you in this way.

For example, if you are a psychologist, suitable keywords could be `counseling`, `therapy`, `ADHD`, etc.

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Setting Your Fee

If you are just getting started as an expert at LivePerson, you might decide to offer your services for a lower fee than others in your category in the beginning. It might be a good idea to start at a rate 25% lower than the average rate in your category. This will increase your chances of being hired by new clients and will lead to your first few paid sessions and ratings – an important factor in the ranking process of LivePerson experts.

Once you feel that you’re ready to change your fee to a rate closer to that of your competition, you can learn how to do so here.

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If you are not getting a lot of success with the Clients, you may want to consider help from other LivePerson Experts who know how to create “The Best Profile Possible”, in order to maximize your credibility and exposure. In this case, here’s the step by step instructions for you:

Utilize Other LivePerson Experts

Your profile is the first factor that clients take into consideration when deciding which expert to choose. A profile with compelling copy and images will attract more attention, and can bring you head-and-shoulders above your competition. Luckily, LivePerson is a community of experts, and you can get help `in house` to create the best profile possible.

Consider hiring these types of experts to help you bring your profile to the next level:

Writing Experts – Read the text of your profile again. Does it describe the service you`re offering exactly? Does it identify your strengths in an instant, and tell clients why they should hire you? If writing isn`t your strong suit, why not consider hiring one of LivePerson`s Writing Experts to revamp your profile? By communicating more effectively to clients exactly what you have to offer, chances are, they`ll pick you first.
See all experts in the Writing category

HTML Experts – You can only communicate so much relying on words alone. Sometimes a graphic can bring your whole profile together. If you are a life coach, maybe you`d like a background of vibrant colors. Maybe you`re a photographer and would like to exhibit one of your own images in your LivePerson profile. These options are possible using HTML. With HTML you can create customized layouts, use any kind of font, bullet your main services, and so much more. Contact one of LivePerson`s HTML experts to help you spice up your profile.
See all experts in the HTML category

Web Design Experts – It`s a fact: experts with attractive profiles are hired more often than those without. HTML is good for background colors or adding photos, but if you want an exceptional profile, hire a designer to create one for you. They`ll be able to create a profile that will make you stand out, head and shoulders, among the rest.
See all experts in the Web Design category

Photo-Editing Experts – Put your best foot forward with a high quality image of yourself. Allow an expert in Photoshop or a similar photo-editing application to remove ‘red eye’, shadows, blemishes, or any other undesirable part of your photo – you’ll see, it will make all the difference.
See all experts in the Photo-Editing category

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Us and Them – The Rich and Frank Show

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Yeah, you read that right….

It’s Schefren and Kern, together for one night only
in a no-holds-barred worldwide broadcast. And
you could be there.

It’s true. Frank and Rich are planning on a joint
Ustream broadcast sometime in the next month or

If you think Rich Schefren’s 26 hour marathon was good, this
will blow you away.

They’re going to get together, roll the cameras, and
talk about how Frank’s Mass Control strategy has
worked like gangbusters and share with you inside
secrets of their companies.

This is an EXTRAORDINARY private event for Mass
Control buyers…something you probably won’t see
again (if you know Kern at all, you’ll understand

And there’s only ONE way to get this private 4
hour event spectacular. You must buy Mass Control
NOW.  It’s LIMITED so don’t

Check Out Frank’s Latest Video

That’s a link to Frank’s blog featuring his latest

Inside he explains the fallacy of the current
economic downturn (one that Rich agrees with
wholeheartedly) and how he’s opening Mass Control
for one day to help overcome this Internet
marketing “state of emergency”.

And if you take advantage of Frank’s one day sale
through the link provided here, as a special bonus you’ll
get private access to Rich and Frank’s joint live worldwide

That’s right–their show is not going out to the masses.
It’s going to be PASSWORD PROTECTED, so only a
privileged few will be able to watch.

And you could be one of them. But only if you go
here now–TODAY–and get inside of Mass Control.

Check Out Frank’s Latest Video

Frank closes the doors on this one-day sale at 10PM
eastern time tonight.

So here is what you will get:

–A special invite to be a part of the history-making
private live broadcast.
–3 months of Rich’s hot new product, Strategic Profits
Cashmaps process maps.
–A Live Q&A telebroadcast with people on Rich’s team
including Brian Johnson… to talk about the
inner-workings of his company Strategic Profits.
–A Live Q&A with their copywriting team for tips on
email and copy.
You don’t want to miss this…I assure you.

Check Out Frank’s Latest Video

To Higher Profits,
P.S. Whether you’re a Frank Kern fan or not, this
video simply must be watched…

Because Kern pulls back the curtain and reveals
the current economic state for what it REALLY is–
a golden opportunity.

In fact, Frank even shows you how a Mass Control
student just made $83,000 in only one week using
his techniques. And guess what niche he’s in?

That’s right–while everyone else is avoiding the
market like the plague, this guy steps in and pulls
down a cool $83k without so much as batting an eye.
It’s an amazing story–watch here.

Check Out Frank’s Latest Video

How to Promote Yourself as a LivePerson Expert, Part 1: Friendly URL

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As you might already know, LivePerson recently implemented the Friendly URL, a web address that functions as a direct link to your profile page.

But did you know that when clients come to LivePerson through this direct link, the commission that they take from those sessions is significantly lower? Just 14%!

It`s worthwhile to guide people to LivePerson by means of your Friendly URL because it`s a win/win situation – it will mean more customers for LivePerson, and it will mean even higher income, from those customers, for you!

There are a number of ways to drum up business utilizing the Friendly URL. Here are a few ideas, just to get you thinking:

Advertise in the paper. Take out an ad in the classified section of your local or regional newspaper with a short message about your services, mentioning your Friendly URL link.

Create business cards featuring your personalized web link. Most cities have a local print shop, but if you prefer the convenience of the Internet, check out sites such as for affordable business cards that will allow you to feature your Friendly URL prominently.

Turn your car into a billboard. It isn`t very expensive to create a magnet or decal to place on your car that will advertise your services. Just include your Friendly URL, and the next time you want to get out there and promote yourself, all you have to do is take a drive.

Talk about yourself. Mention your link during conversations you have with people and add your Friendly URL to your voicemail message. Keep a few of the business cards mentioned above tucked away in your wallet – you never know when you`ll meet a potential new client!

Include your Friendly URL everywhere. Anywhere else you`d have your contact information, include your Friendly URL. Make sure the link is on your email signature, letterhead, fax cover sheets, and return address labels. To add your Friendly URL to your email signature, click on your provider below:

MS Office
Outlook Express

These are just some ideas to consider. Use your imagination to think of others. Promotional items with your Friendly URL printed on them? T-Shirts with your personalized web link? The possibilities are endless!

Not an Expert yet?

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Rich Schefren’s UStream Video Session 1pm Thursday

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Hey guys,

Yesterday Rich did a packed conference call with more
than 1,000 people eager to ask him questions about

And of course, he answered all of them. Plus gave
out even more killer content.

Well they’d like to do it again, right before they close
the doors Thursday afternoon, which is today!

And they need your help…

Visit Rich’s UStream channel at 1pm
on Thursday at this page here:

Rich-TV GPS Giveaway on Ustream

He’ll be giving away a free GPS Program to someone
on his channel, plus explaining the benefits of joining GPS.

And no, he won’t be up for 26 hours this time…:)

They’re starting at 1:00pm Eastern time, and going for
a while. Then they are closing down the GPS web page forever.

I’d love to have you watching, too. So use this link
to go to watch…

Rich-TV GPS Giveaway on Ustream


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