Video Conversion Formula might sell out – get it EARLY!

November 23, 2010 at 12:11 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

My friend Maria Andros is one of the most high-value video marketers out
there. She’s also one of the most sought after coaches when it comes to
creating high-converting video that can grow your loyal customer base
(and sell more stuff!)

Today, she’s pulling back the curtain on her new coaching program and
let me tell you, DEMAND for this training is high. This is NOT for sale
until later today, Tuesday, Nov. 23… but this is the FULL deal:

Get on exclusive Early Bird list here

Maria’s expertise has been off the market for more than a year, but now
she’s making waves and the buzz is huge… 1000s of comments have been
collected already for this event.

But get this – you can’t even BUY it yet. She’s released the whole sales
video over 24 hours EARLY so people can decide with no pressure, no
rush, and no fear that it will sell out before they can get all the

Get on exclusive Early Bird list here

And if you’re interested AFTER you see what she can do… AFTER you see
what kind of results are possible… AFTER you decide she’s got the
coaching you need…

After that, if you’re ready, you can register for the "Early Bird" list
and get in BEFORE anyone else!

Get on exclusive Early Bird list here

I think that’s a pretty cool way to do business, especially since
everyone’s tired of all the sneaky tactics some use…

So beat the buying rush that starts this afternoon check it out EARLY.

Because after 10:00 am PST today, Tuesday, Nov. 23 – THAT
will be a different story.

Get on exclusive Early Bird list here


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