How to Promote Yourself as a LivePerson Expert, Part 2: Improve your Profile

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Val Slastnikov

In Part 2, you’ll be given a variety of tips and information
that we think will help you become a success on LivePerson.
Take a look around!

  • To start, create a great profile. Your profile is the first factor that potential clientsconsider when deciding which expert to hire. Here you’ll find tips on how to make

    yours shine!

How To Improve your Expert Profile:

1) Use a Sample Profile of a Successful Expert

2) Use LivePerson Prompters in “Edit your profile” section, such as: and create a great profile yourself

3) Utilize Other LivePerson Experts to create a winning profile!

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If you decide to use a Sample Profile or create a great profile yourself – these are the things to consider:

The Brief Description

The `brief description` is particularly important because it is a summary of your profile and it appears alongside the brief descriptions of other experts. You should write it in a way that immediately communicates your expert services and qualifications, and encourages potential clients to view the rest of your profile.

Make sure that your brief description matches the category in which it is listed or it may be deleted. Also, please note that the brief description field may not contain all capital letters.

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The Detailed Description

Describe what you have already said in the brief description here, but this time in greater detail. You want to build confidence so that the client will want to hire you. To do so, use clear, professional language.

Make sure that all your professional information matches the category in which it appears. While you are able to register under more than one sub-category, it`s very important that you don`t just paste the same profile under each listing. Take the time to create a new profile, customized for each specific sub-category.

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Degrees and Qualifications

Make sure that you list only relevant degrees or certifications in your profile. Academic degrees, certificate programs, and affiliation with professional organizations are suitable qualifications to list.

For example:


§ Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology, Columbia University, 1993

§ M.A. in Clinical Psychology, Columbia University, 1990

§ B.A. in Psychology, Columbia University, 1986

Licensed Psychologist in the state of New Jersey, License #864214, 1981 – Present

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Professional Experience

Describe any work experience which is directly relevant to your chosen category. Former jobs, freelance work, and even internships qualify as relevant professional experience.

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If you were a client looking for an expert, what terms would you enter into the search box on the LivePerson homepage to find an expert in your field? Enter a few keywords here that can help clients find you in this way.

For example, if you are a psychologist, suitable keywords could be `counseling`, `therapy`, `ADHD`, etc.

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Setting Your Fee

If you are just getting started as an expert at LivePerson, you might decide to offer your services for a lower fee than others in your category in the beginning. It might be a good idea to start at a rate 25% lower than the average rate in your category. This will increase your chances of being hired by new clients and will lead to your first few paid sessions and ratings – an important factor in the ranking process of LivePerson experts.

Once you feel that you’re ready to change your fee to a rate closer to that of your competition, you can learn how to do so here.

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If you are not getting a lot of success with the Clients, you may want to consider help from other LivePerson Experts who know how to create “The Best Profile Possible”, in order to maximize your credibility and exposure. In this case, here’s the step by step instructions for you:

Utilize Other LivePerson Experts

Your profile is the first factor that clients take into consideration when deciding which expert to choose. A profile with compelling copy and images will attract more attention, and can bring you head-and-shoulders above your competition. Luckily, LivePerson is a community of experts, and you can get help `in house` to create the best profile possible.

Consider hiring these types of experts to help you bring your profile to the next level:

Writing Experts – Read the text of your profile again. Does it describe the service you`re offering exactly? Does it identify your strengths in an instant, and tell clients why they should hire you? If writing isn`t your strong suit, why not consider hiring one of LivePerson`s Writing Experts to revamp your profile? By communicating more effectively to clients exactly what you have to offer, chances are, they`ll pick you first.
See all experts in the Writing category

HTML Experts – You can only communicate so much relying on words alone. Sometimes a graphic can bring your whole profile together. If you are a life coach, maybe you`d like a background of vibrant colors. Maybe you`re a photographer and would like to exhibit one of your own images in your LivePerson profile. These options are possible using HTML. With HTML you can create customized layouts, use any kind of font, bullet your main services, and so much more. Contact one of LivePerson`s HTML experts to help you spice up your profile.
See all experts in the HTML category

Web Design Experts – It`s a fact: experts with attractive profiles are hired more often than those without. HTML is good for background colors or adding photos, but if you want an exceptional profile, hire a designer to create one for you. They`ll be able to create a profile that will make you stand out, head and shoulders, among the rest.
See all experts in the Web Design category

Photo-Editing Experts – Put your best foot forward with a high quality image of yourself. Allow an expert in Photoshop or a similar photo-editing application to remove ‘red eye’, shadows, blemishes, or any other undesirable part of your photo – you’ll see, it will make all the difference.
See all experts in the Photo-Editing category

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