Toronto IT/Tech Sales Career Fair April 8th @ MTCC‏

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Complimentary Educational Presentations to Improve Your Technology Career!

Technology & Technology Sales
Career Fair – Toronto

City: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Dates / Times: Wednesday, April 8th, 2009
10am to 3pm
Location: Metro Toronto Convention Centre
South Building – Room 701
222 Bremner Blvd
Toronto, Ontario
M5V 3L9

Companies Hiring & Interviewing at this Event

Training / Education

Register Now for the CareerDoor Technology Career Fair

Wednesday, April 8th, 2009

10:15am – 11:00am
Effective Networking Skills for Career Success

11:00am – 12:00pm
Networking Not Working (Or Does Networking Really Help You Get A Job)

12:00pm – 1:00pm
An Open Conversation with CareerDoor’s Co-Founder / CTO

1:00pm – 2:00pm
Seven Steps Strategy for Your Career Success

2:00pm – 3:00pm
Creating a Six-Figure Income in IT

Register for this event or visit for more information.

* Schedule may be subject to changes without notice, please check web site and at the event for last minute updates.
Seating availability is on a first come first serve basis at the session. Seating is limited.

Presentation / Speaker Details

Effective Networking Skills for Career Success – Presented by Jim Pagiamtzis, published author, speaker and Elite Entrepreneur

Whether you employee or entrepreneur the ability to meet and talk to employers or new people is essential, being prepared with the specific resources from business card to key questions are attributes that will be presented.

Networking Not Working (Or Does Networking Really Help You Get A Job) – Presented by Dan Eng, Director, CIPS Toronto

How many resumes have you sent out and not received any response? This is a presentation on who you know might get you a job or a better job.

Dan Eng, Director, CIPS Toronto will talk about the value of networking in getting a job or getting a better one.

Creating a Six-Figure Income in IT – Presented by Ronald Vereggen

Are you nervous about off-shoring? Has your job been outsourced? Are you ready to take control of your career? If you answered yes to any of these questions then this interactive and dynamic workshop is for you. When you attend this workshop you will learn:
– How will the IT profession evolve over the next 10 to 20 years
– Which of the following career paths are right for you? Full-time, Contract, Entrepreneur
– What skills employers are looking for today
– What does it take to go on your own as a contractor or start your own business
– How to develop your personal carrier plan
– and the most important … the steps to earning a six-figure income as an IT professional

Seven Steps Strategy for Your Career Success – Presented by Max Haroon

Join this highly interactive presentation to explore a seven-step strategy for success that you can apply to many situations in your life, which could be job searching, all aspects of your career or in a business as a professional. Tips and techniques outlined will help you whether you are in native environment or in a foreign environment.

In striving for success, take a holistic approach at your personal traits and current strategy when your focus of visible areas is not helping you. You need to go beyond the task and focus on everything around you. If you looking for a job, you need to go beyond the job requirements because employers are looking for a person who is a good fit for that company.

An extensive article based on this presentation will be provided to download from SIP website.

Open Discussion with CareerDoor’s CTO/Co-Founder – Chuck Mariotti

CareerDoor’s CTO/Co-Founder Chuck Mariotti will direct an open discussion with participants about the current HiTech/IT Job Market. The group will talk about its successes and failures in its HiTech/IT job search. What is working. What isn’t working. What’s being done right. What’s being done wrong. What new technologies should be learned – how and why. What you should be doing to clarify your career direction/plan. Bring your complaints and/or questions.

CareerDoor is happy to recommend a Training Course held at the IT360 event next week. As a CareerDoor job seeker, you have the opportunity to save up to 25% off the cost of enrollment.

Certification Sponsor:

ITIL CERTIFICATIONS: What can ITIL Certifications do for you?

Limited Space ~ Only 10 seats available!

IT360 offers the ITIL Foundation Certification v3, a three-day course for ONLY $1124.75!

ITIL is an acronym for Information Technology Infrastructure Library. It was developed in England in the 1980’s to collect best practices from top companies. The ITIL best practice framework instructs how to organize service management within your company, giving you a measurable way to keep up with world-wide standards. IT360 offers reduced rates, make sure to check them out. *Exam and a study book are included

Go here for course objectives and more


Bonus of the Week: Free Marketing Course ($1997 Value)

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by Rich Schefren @ Strategic Profits

Bonus of the Week:

Special Message from Rich

A special message from Rich Schefren…‏

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Strategic Profits

42 Ways to Prosper in This Recession

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by Brian Johnson, Strategic Profits @

If you’ve gone from optimism to fear about your
finances, career or financial future — I’ve got
great news — and it has absolutely nothing to do
with real estate, or capital investment of any

I believe I know the one man who may have the
answers you’re looking for, regarding what’s
the best recessionary income generating
strategy to pursue — right now.

Well, actually he’s got 42 different ways you can
rapidly profit (and prosper) in this terrible

It doesn’t matter whether you own a business, work
for someone else, or want to find an income source
that can rapidly pay all your bills.

If you want to secure your financial future, find
a fresh recession income source, or help
your employer earn more profits…these recession-
based income strategies can provide the financial
security blanket that you need to handle all the
problems this economic nightmare is causing you.
Please don’t let fear or disappointment take over
your brain.

You don’t have to get left in the cold.

Unless you’re new to the world of wealth creation,
income generation and business building, you know
and respect the name of Jay Abraham.  He’s famous
worldwide for all the piles of profits he’s helped
people like you earn.

You probably also know that Jay has probably
helped more business owners, entrepreneurs, and
start-up businesses — find more solid ways to
prosper in the last four recessions than just
about any of the 50 other experts out there.

Now, I have a no-cost (almost immediate) way to
help YOU prosper in this recession — not by
showing you just one single way to do it.
But by showing you 42 separate (all non-real
estate) ways to make this terrible recession work
Moneymaking Wonders for you, your business or
employer, plus you’ll never have to spend a dime
to do any of them and it all has to do with
something wildly enriching that Jay knows.

If that sounds unbelievable — it’s not.

Jay was recently recognized as one of the world’s
top recessionary income-generating mastermind on
the planet.

He’s devised recessionary revenue strategies and
developed income-generating sources that have
produced nearly four billion dollars in windfall
income for his very appreciative clients.

They each came to Jay for a major recessionary
income boost-or moneymaking makeover.  He gave it
to business owners, entrepreneurs, start-ups and
prosperity seekers alike.

Now I want Jay to give a HUGE recessionary income
boost to you, too.

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Look, almost everyone I talk to is scared.
Workers fear they’ll lose their jobs (or they
already lost them).

Homeowners fear they’ll lose their homes.
Business owners fear they’ll lose their business.
Start-ups fear they’ll lose all hope.

Prosperity seekers fear they’ll lose their chance
for ever achieving financial security.

You have all gotten caught in a needless,
“psychologically-perpetuated,” downward spiral.
But it needn’t keep going downhill for YOU —
starting right now!  When fear overtakes your
brain, it makes it impossible to see all the
“Screaming-Recessionary-Opportunities” right in
front of your nose.

If it’s been impossible for you to concentrate on
anything but saving your skin — financially —
get out of that death spiraling “box” you’re stuck
in — right now.

Plus…you’re about to experience first-hand (for
absolutely nothing) the same information a group
beleaguered real estate investors just paid Jay
Abraham nearly $200,000 to hear about.

They desperately wanted to find an immediate
non-real estate method for generating serious
income streams right now — in the heart of
this horrible recession.

Most of them have no more capital to invest.
Most have limited credit or no credit left to
borrow against.  Most can’t stand a penny’s
more of risk.  But Jay came up with more non-
real estate ways they could generate mounds of
income — starting right now.

Now I’ve arranged for you to learn what they
paid nearly $200,000 to learn all about.
In all of two quick hours, via a convenient
teleconference re-broadcast, Jay Abraham,
himself, will show you 42 different ways
you really CAN prosper from this recession,
right now — not someday in the future.

None of these strategies will require one dime of
capital invested on your part.  None bear any
downside financial risk, either.  None are focused
on real estate.

All are fresh, heretofore unknown ways to safely,
easily, quickly and predictably generate serious,
new income streams and revenue sources — all
from this terrible economy we’re in.

Stop walking in fear.  Start looking at the hidden
possibilities “overlooked profit/income bonanzas”
I want to reveal to you.

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No good can (or ever will) come from the fear-
based, negative-minded, mental abandoning of your
dream of prosperity and financial security.
Fear that you can no longer achieve great things
prompts subconscious mental retreat.  Retreat is
like “forfeiting” your chance for an enriching,
highly rewarding future — forever.

Don’t do it!  Don’t.  You really don’t have to
give up and you really don’t have to keep on
struggling any longer.

You don’t have to — if you’ll let my friend, Jay
Abraham, help you figure a (fast-track, quick-
start) prosperous way out of the bind you’re in
right now.

Jay Abraham has spent the last four recessionary
cycles trying to “decode” the factors that hold
overlooked profit/income opportunities for people
like you.

He has also carefully studied the fear-based,
negative-minded thought process that paralyzed
your ability to go forward (and make good things
happen) in a terrible economy like this one.

I can promise that if you’ll trust me for the mere
two hours it will take for Jay to personally shift
your thinking and reinstate the flames of your
hopes and dreams — the man will absolutely help
you make that business or financial dream a

It will pay off handsomely with enough income that
you can stop worrying about bills, mortgages, job
or business survival.

There’s a huge kicker in this for you, too!
You will never have to worry about income, bill
problems or financial needs (or wants) ever again
— IF you decide to successfully pursue any one
(or multiples of the 42 different) recessionary
income strategies that Jay will expose you to.
It sounds unbelievable.  But those ideas REALLY
can transform your life and financial outlook.

And, he can do it for you in only two hours time
— all through the convenience of a
teleconference-based process that you’ll find
utterly-amazing, and it will cost you absolutely
nada to gain all the rewards.

Again — those real estate investors paid almost
$200,000.  Your price to get this fast-track
primer is zero.  Nothing.  Nada. Zip!

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The cause of your current problems need not
continue.  Jay has 42 ways to change your “Destiny

The bottom-line effect of listening to his ideas
can mean…No More Worries.  It can mean having
all the money in the bank when you need or want it

It can mean constant, never-ending streams of
income — flowing continuously to you (from
multiple sources) so you’re always protected from
ANY economic uncertainty.

You’ll be well-hedged, totally financially, fully
diversified.  Whatever loss of capital,
confidence, income (or hope) you’ve suffered
recently…doesn’t matter.  Jay’s teleconference
call will turn everything around.

In fact, remember it already has for 60,000 real
estate investors Jay originally offered this
information to.  Their group paid him an
astonishing $200,000 to learn these ideas and
recessionary income-generating strategies.
But I don’t want you to pay me (or Jay) a thing to
learn the very same ideas.

Because he knows if he shared these ideas with
you-gratis, it’d come back to him in spades —
with future business you’d do with him.

With Jay Abraham guiding you — for those two
hours, by conference call — it’s an entirely
new, different, far more promising “ballgame” for
you and your economic future.

Seemingly, in a mere two hours with Jay over the
phone, you’ll learn what REALLY works and what
doesn’t — (outside of real estate) in a terrible
recession like this one.

You’ll immediately stop being on a downward
financial or performance “plunge” — and you’ll
pull out and Up, Up and Away, applying one or more
of the hot, revenue-generating strategies and
sources…that Jay will open up to you.

You’ll be closing the page-forever on any more
self-doubt, pessimism or entrepreneurial flame-
outs.  Your star will shine brightly again,
starting the same day you get off that conference

Instead, you’ll confidently mount the pursuit of
“major” income in ways (and at levels of
effectiveness) that you’ve never been capable of
doing before.

Jay will prepare you on that conference call for
the new life and enriching financial rewards that
you’ll be experiencing — very, very quickly.
I don’t care what your business is, or your job,
or even if you’re unemployed, just starting out or
just starting up a brand-new enterprise of your

If you’ve thought things were dreadful, hopeless
or unchangeable — you were patently wrong!
Prepare (after Jay’s teleconference call) for a
life and future full of fresh, rewarding profit-

Prepare for your efforts to start paying off in
ways (and at levels of prosperity) never before

Get ready to earn bigger, better, far more
frequent “paydays” — and it’ll come from
multiple income/revenue sources.

I want Jay Abraham to train you (without charge)
to make the kind of income you need, want and
deserve — right here and now — “smack dab” in
the middle of this recession.

The 42 separate strategies he’ll share on that
call will let you make better use of all that’s
possible today — and believe me, it’s enormous.
Right now there are 42 incredible ways for you to
get back “on-the-horse” and do something truly
substantial in this recession — using absolutely
no capital investment, whatsoever.

While everyone else is frozen in paralysis,
waiting for this terrible economic storm to pass,
you can be busy mining, harvesting and “raking in”
one income stream after another, and one profit
center source on top of another.

If you wait to figure it all out on your own,
these “Screaming Opportunities” will have passed
you by.
If you’re interested — sign up below right away
to be on one of the two-hour teleconference
rebroadcast of that very same sessions Jay
ultimately was paid to do for frustrated real
estate investors looking for a better way to

Sign Up here

I’m doing this for you — (and Jay’s doing this
for you) because you need “someone” trustworthy
who can afford to invest in YOU for a change —
So, once again, there’s absolutely No Charge to
you, whatsoever to listen in.

I want to personally offer you this two-hour
experience.  And, Jay wants to deliver it to
you — 100% as his gift.
Because, when fear takes over — your odds of
prospering stop.  When you open yourself up to
untapped recessionary income-opportunity, the
financial rewards can be monumental.
To be on one of these re-broadcast of Jay
Abraham’s special $200,000 conference call,
register now at: this page here

To Higher Profits,

P.S.  What you’ll be hearing on THIS two hour
teleconference-based re-broadcast briefing are the
same strategies a group of frustrated real estate
investor’s ultimately paid Jay nearly $200,000 to
teach them last month.

These really ARE all fresh ideas no one else has
ever shared with you — anywhere.

Those beleaguered real estate investors
desperately needed to learn profit-certain, NON-
REAL ESTATE profit sources that deliver monster-
sized payoffs in a recession — without requiring
one penny of investment.

And, Jay gave them 42 different ways to achieve
that goal.

You get to hear these very same 42 strategies for
no-cost, whatsoever.  Because I’m a true friend of
yours (and Jay wants to be a newfound friend of
yours) I firmly believe you are more than worth us
both investing in, right now.

This really is a once-in-a-recession chance to
totally transform your financial future and
dramatically improve your deserving profits.

Register quickly at
this page here

Bonus of the Week: How To Set Up Twitter For Success

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Michael Hyatt is a President and Chief Executive Officer of Thomas Nelson Publishers, the largest Christian publishing company in the world and the seventh largest trade book publishing company in the U.S. I highly recommend Michael’s Twitter tips to everyone who wants to learn how to set up and successfully use Twitter for maximum results.

Bonus of the Week:

Michael Hyatt

“The Beginner’s Guide to Twitter

by Michael Hyatt

This post is a 20-minute guide to Twitter for non-techies. (If you don’t know what Twitter is, you can start with my first post on the topic, Twitter-dee, Twitter-dum. If you still aren’t convinced, then read 12 Reasons to Start Twittering.)

Saturday night over dinner, I helped my friend, Karen Anderson, get started on Twitter. Yesterday, my son-in-law, Chris Crimmins, got started. He was having some difficulty getting his phone hooked up to Twitter. I thought, I wish I had a simple, step-by-step guide to give him.It doesn’t take long to get set-up with Twitter, but it helps if you know the basics. So, I decided to document these eight basic steps:

  1. Set up your account. Go to and click on the Get Started—Join! button. Enter your username, password, and email address. Click on the I accept. Create my account button.

    Next, Twitter will give you a chance to see if some of your friends are on Twitter by checking your online address book. However, your contacts will have to be in one of the supported services: GMail, Hotmail, Yahoo, AOL, or MSN.

    Continue reading the Article at”

(Reprinted with permission and in accordance with Michael Hyatt’s Copyright Guidelines.© 2009, Michael S. Hyatt. All rights reserved. Originally published at

If you want to follow Michael on Twitter, click here.

If you want to follow Val on Twitter, click here.

"Our Win-Win Partnership Models" Screencast Videos

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As we mentioned last week, every Friday we continue delivering a series of Screencast Videos about the Global Experts Association that we will be launching in the 3rd Quarter of 2009.

Today we will talk about our Win-Win Partnership Models, and the following 3 Screencast Video segments will introduce you to our Partnership Models with Experts, Fortune 500 Companies and Non Profit Organizations.

Click on the picture or a link below to start watching the presentations:


Partnership Models - Experts - FirstFrame

Partnership Model – Experts

Download Attachment:

Global Book Tour – Partnership Models.ppt (787.5KB)

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Partnership Models - Fortune 500 - FirstFrame

Partnership Model – Fortune 500


Partnership Models - Fortune 500   Non Profits - FirstFrame

Partnership Model – Fortune 500 + Non Profits

Download Attachment:

burchardhandout.pdf (438.53KB)

Delete this attachment

As usual, we ask you to provide your questions, suggestions or concerns in the Comment field below. Thank you for watching and have a great week-end!

A Brief History Of The “Entrepreneurial Revolution”

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by Alex Mandossian

barack-obama1 In his February 24th State of the Union Address, Barack Obama publicly declared that “The future of our economy relies on the imagination of our Entrepreneurs.”  

That twelve-word sentence in President Obama’s speech isn’t about politics as much as it is about business.  Your business. My business.  And the dawn of a brighter new future of the ”Entreprenrial Interdependence” era that’s now upon us.

Quick History Lesson: In the 20th century, Americans traded their Entrepreneurial Independence (which they enjoyed for the previous 200 years), and began a 50-year stint of dependence on the modern-day Corporation.

Think back to that famous scene that happened on September 17th, 1787 during the Signing of the U.S. Constitution

The central figures who were present included George Washington, Alexander Hamilton, James Madison and America’s first millionaire, Benjamin Franklin.  These Founding Fathers were opposed by the “entrepreneurially dependent” Loyalists who supported the British Monarchy.  

What’s most interesting is the iconic events that catalyzed the the American Revolution (such as the Boston Tea Party in 1773) were influenced by business-centered values as much as politically-centered values.

I believe the golden era of Entrepreneurial Independence lasted about ninety years and happened from 1855 to 1945 as millions of immigrants landed on American shores of Ellis Island at the mouth of the Hudson River.

I’m talking about Entrepreneurs like Max Factor, Charles Atlas and Chef Boyardee, as well as Hollywood icons such as Pola Negri, Bela Lugosi, and even Bob Hope!

But then something terrible happened right after World War II.  Most American entrepreneurs decided to trade their independence by selling their souls to the “Corporation.”  For the next 50 years, the myth of job security prevailed.

These past 50 years represent the Dark Ages of Entrepreneurship.  Specifically, this is the age I refer to as the era of “Entrepreneurial Dependence” which is marred by corporate scandals and corruption. 

Enron, WorldCom and Xerox are just a few of the dozens of examples listed on the Forbes Corporate Scandal Sheet.

This avalanche of corporate scandals have rocked the stock markets, skyrocketed national debt and diminished the net worth of millions of Americans.

Yet despite the current economic downswing, I firmly believe that Entrepreneurs (with a big “E”) are at the dawn of a brighter future and brand new era of freedom which I’ll call “Entrepreneurial Interdependence.”

It all makes sense now, doesn’t it?

For over 200 years, starting with the Founding Fathers (18th century) to golden age of immigant entrepreneurs (20th century), the U.S. economy was driven by Entrepreneurial Independence.

Then for the next 50 years – beginning at the end of World War II until today – we’ve found ourselves in the Dark Ages of Entrepreneurial Dependence.

With the Internet coming of age at the beginning of the 21st century, and the most recent social media onslaught of YouTube, FaceBook and Twitter, we are about to enter the third and brightest business era in economic history!

It is the modern era of what Chris Anderson of Wired Magazine, calls Radical Transparency.  It is the bold new economic era of “Entrepreneurial Interdependence” … and I predict it’ll be a wild and fruitful ride!

Here’s a summary of the way I see the 3 epochs of Entrepreneurship:

First Epoch (1755 – 1945):  Entrepreneurial Independence

Second Epoch (1945 – 2010):  Entrepreneurial Dependence

Third Epoch (2010 – Future):  Entrepreneurial Interdependence

I believe that next year (2010), and possibly this even year, the global economy is going to be driven by the cheerful expectancy of the Entrepreneurial Interdependence mindset.

Interdependence is dramatically different than “dependence” and even “independence.”  Interdependence is the state or a dynamic of being mutually responsible to and sharing a common set of principles with others.

Ironically, Karl Marx was the first to use the term in his Communist Manifesto (1848) to desribe self-sufficiency.

Renowned historian, Will Durant wrote about it in his Declaration of Interdependence (1944).  Other thought leaders such as Mahatma Gandhi, Franklin Roosevelt and Stephen Covey have written and spoken at length about it.

My favorite quote about Interdependence is by William James who wrote:

“The community stagnates without the impulse of the individual. The impulse dies away without the sympathy of the community.”

In my view, the business community stagnates without the impulse of the Interdependent Entrepreneur and because you’ve read this far, my sense is that you probably agree with me.  Right?

What To Do Now:  I encourage you to start smiling at the future and begin celebrating your own Entrepreneurial Interdependence.  Focus on building stronger and more trusted strategic alliances.  That’s where the profits are.

The bottom line is that the the quality of your professional life is based on the quality of the company you keep – your strategic alliances.  As best-selling author Jim Collins says, “First who, then what.”

Although I don’t agree with all of President Obama’s economic philosophies, I do agree with his recent declaration, “The future of our economy  relies on the imagination of our Entrepreneurs.”   Whether you agree or disagree, please share your thoughts with me and the rest of the world.

Leave your candid comment on this post.


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Event name:

Register here

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

11:45 am

Strate’s Banquet Hall – 365 Evans Ave
Etobicoke, ON, Canada 

The Business Corner

Register here

“Running a successful business is much more enjoyable and profitable than being self-employed . . . in any business environment . . . any day of the week. Going from self-employed to Business Owner is the most effective way to weather this recessionary storm and it is also the only way to reach your goals of making more money and creating more time for yourself. So how do you turn your self-employed practice into a business? Systems. By definition a business system is “”a repeatable process that produces a profit””. Systems will allow you to decrease the time you spend working in your business and allow you more time to work on your business. The more you work on your business the more systems you can install. The more systems you install the more profitable you will be. Here is the catch — Business is that easy. People make it difficult.”

Register here

Get further Faster!… Power Partner!

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Bonus of the Week:


Get further Faster!… Power Partner!

Event Time:
Monday – Mar 2 @ 9:00 PM (EST)

Invite Link:  


We are bringing networking directly to the small business owners desk.

Tired of spending money on memberships that yield little or no return? Missed a networking event? Too many networking events? Don’t want to be obligated to make unwarranted referrals? Then you need Power Partners!
What is a Power Partner? A Power Partner is a business that provides products or services that compliment your business. For example, if you are an event planner, a power partner could be a florist or if you are a graphic designer, a power partner could be a marketing firm. Collaborating business products and services is an expedient way to not only increase your market exposure and presence, but generate sales.


Know your clients’ needs. You can best serve your clients when they value you as a source of knowledge and information. If you don’t know how to help them, know someone who can!

Limit your power partners to 5. Your power partners should be a core group of people that you can meet with on a regular bases and evaluate how you can best service each others clients and compliment each others business.

Choose your power partners wisely. You don’t want to refer clients to a business that will not treat and value your clients with the same quality of service that you do. Your power partners are essentially an extension of you! Your clients will remember that you are the one who referred them if they are mistreated or things don’t meet their expectations.

Now that you have the rules of engagement, let’s get CONNECTED! This is the perfect opportunity to strategically partner up and strategically market your business.

Register now!

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