To Give Is To Receive

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There is more to corporate giving than just writing a check. Learn how to give the right way and your company will benefit in the process.

A decade ago many companies looked at giving as an admirable, though not necessary, activity. But with consumers and investors increasingly interested in social responsibility, corporate giving is now a need-to-do item but not only for the altruistic reasons you may expect. Thoughtful support of organizations and causes can be good for business too and more companies are getting into giving.

Consumers are watching and reacting. According to the Roper Report, 71% of U.S. consumers feel corporate giving should be standard practice and 83% have a more positive image of a company that gives. 67% say if price and quality are equal, they’ll support the company that supports a cause. Employees even feel 87% stronger loyalty to a company that gives.

Strategic giving can reinforce the message that your company makes good use of its resources and cares about its impact in the community. Strategic giving also gives you the tools to demonstrate that you are making a difference. These tools can make you a better business person, helping to attract and retain customers, employees and investors who support the same things. When your giving gets attention, you get a PR boost.

There is more to giving than just writing a check every so often. Make sure you match your giving to your brand and values. For a giving program to have the greatest impact on your community and your business, it must tie closely with the culture of your company. Being an engaged, outspoken leader will help you define a culture of giving and will promote a giving strategy that will make a significant impact on the success of the company.

Now don’t let me overwhelm you. You can think beyond the checkbook. Many nonprofits benefit from non-financial contributions as well. You can look for ways you can help the organization leverage its ability to raise funds like participating in awareness campaigns and don’t forget the power of blood, sweat and tears. Your time volunteering can be invaluable too.

Do you think Morgan James could afford to write a check to build a new Habitat home in 2005 when we first launched our building partnership with our local Habitat for Humanity affiliate? No way! But we did see the power of creating an awareness campaign by putting the Habitat logo and a statement in every book sold and compelling staff to volunteer with their local affiliate. We also knew that even though we couldn’t afford to give big then, but we could give a percentage of sales as they happened. You can do the same thing.

I’m sure you’re asking me why am I talking about this now. Well, I’ll tell you. Last night I experienced a movement at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C. when Edie Fraser and Robyn Spizman Freedman launched their new book Do Your Giving While You Are Living: Inspirational Lessons on What You Can Do Today to Make a Difference Tomorrow. Over 400 people gathered to be a part of that movement with a very big–and very timely–message. To inspires readers to embrace giving and to understand that the highest purpose in life is quite simple: doing for others. During the event, some of the most influential and philanthropic people and organizations in the world today, spoke about how the act of giving can change the world and also change their own lives in ways they never thought possible.
It was incredible. What better way to get out of an economic downturn than giving, and I mean giving more than just your tithe. Give above and beyond. Your profits will thank you, your competitors will fear you and your community will praise you.

So I hope I’ve compelled you to nurture your social responsibility and begin your giving while you are living.
Do Your Giving While You Are Living is available at your favorite bookseller now and at



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  1. I appreciate you are encouraging businesses to think beyond checkbook philanthropy. Especially at times like these when people are nervous about the stability of business revenue, many are NOT comfortable with writing checks the size as they might have in the past. I am always reinforcing with my clients that there are so many other ways to give and make a real difference with the causes the business and its people really care about. Many times the pro bono help, volunteer efforts, and other assistance may even have a greater impact on the nonprofit you’re working with.

    Susan Hyatt | Business Giving Coach

  2. […] Hancock with Morgan James Publishing wrote a nice blog post, To Give is To Receive, on the Digitizer Group Blog encouraging businesses to think about ways to be involved with […]

  3. […] Hancock with Morgan James Publishing wrote a nice blog post, To Give is To Receive, on the Digitizer Group Blog encouraging businesses to think about ways to be involved with […]

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