How to become an Expert – Video 2

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In the second video, Brendon Burchard talks about 8 Things that Millionaires do…and so should you, in order to become an Expert in your field.  

Brendon personally believes that ANYONE can start from scratch and build a highly lucrative “expert empire” through books, speeches, seminars, coaching, and online programs. YOU can teach your topic and your message to the world.

If Brendon could go from bankruptcy to $4.6 million in 24 months then who knows what others can do. (I WISH I had the training you’ll receive in this video series when I began!)

It’s time for you to get your message out and help other people improve their lives or their businesses. So start immediately by doing the 8 things Brendon talks about in this video.

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How to become an Expert in your field

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Do you want to build a highly-lucrative career teaching YOUR life’s story and how-to strategies for success in any field through writing, speaking, seminars, coaching and online programs?

YOU can become the next authority in your field or on ANY TOPIC you want to teach. All you have to do is learn to position, promote and get paid like an expert. I’ll show you how in this FREE video series.

In this video Brendon Burchard, the Founder of Experts Academy, will teach you 5 game-changing expert strategies that helped me start from scratch and earn $4.6 million in 24 months. You’ll learn all about the “expert empire” space, how experts make money, common myths, and innovative ideas for authors, speakers, coaches, seminar leaders, and online marketers.

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Do you know why the Rich are getting richer?

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This is, by far, one of the most important books I have ever read.


Let me put it in simple terms… Right now I’m taking the Accounting course. It is worth 15,000. This book is worth Millions. Period.

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