New times call for new types of Call Centers

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The 3rd Generation (3G) concept of Call Centers derives from our free report “Buying Model 3G” that describes how the customers make buying decisions in the new millennium and how you can gain instant and unfair advantage over your competitors if you understand and implement this concept in your own business.


Are you hungry right now? – I know I AM!

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BrendonBurchard — April 19, 2010 — Brendon Burchard discusses winning. Brendon is the author of Life’s Golden Ticket and the founder of Experts Academy.

Buy Brendon’s book that brought him fame and success in Life –

Lifes Golden Ticket

Life’s Golden Ticket: An Inspirational Novel
By Brendon Burchard

Buy it now at Amazon’s Best Canada

Is Social Media a Fad or a Phenomenon?

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Social Media Revolution: Is social media a fad?
Or is it the biggest shift since the Industrial Revolution? This video details out social media facts and figures that are hard to ignore. This video is produced by the author of Socialnomics.


Socialnomics: How Social Media Transforms the Way We Live and Do Business
By Erik Qualman – buy this book on Amazon’s Best Canada

Expert Video # 4

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How do highly-paid experts “chunk” their information to make it clear (and valuable)?

What is the FRAMEWORK you must follow to build your own “expert empire”

through books, speeches, seminars and online programs?

This video has the answers.

Click HERE to watch Video 4

Expert Video # 3

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This video teaches you:

– How regular people become highly-paid experts
– 3 things you need to WIN at in order to become the next guru in your field
– 10 positioning pillars for displaying your credibility
– The “Create Anything” framework experts use to create rapport and sales
– 4 consumer insight questions you need to know
– 10 advanced “value levers” that make people buy your stuff
– THE secret golden ticket to building a database of customers (AWESOME)

Click HERE to watch Video 3

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