Us and Them – The Rich and Frank Show

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Yeah, you read that right….

It’s Schefren and Kern, together for one night only
in a no-holds-barred worldwide broadcast. And
you could be there.

It’s true. Frank and Rich are planning on a joint
Ustream broadcast sometime in the next month or

If you think Rich Schefren’s 26 hour marathon was good, this
will blow you away.

They’re going to get together, roll the cameras, and
talk about how Frank’s Mass Control strategy has
worked like gangbusters and share with you inside
secrets of their companies.

This is an EXTRAORDINARY private event for Mass
Control buyers…something you probably won’t see
again (if you know Kern at all, you’ll understand

And there’s only ONE way to get this private 4
hour event spectacular. You must buy Mass Control
NOW.  It’s LIMITED so don’t

Check Out Frank’s Latest Video

That’s a link to Frank’s blog featuring his latest

Inside he explains the fallacy of the current
economic downturn (one that Rich agrees with
wholeheartedly) and how he’s opening Mass Control
for one day to help overcome this Internet
marketing “state of emergency”.

And if you take advantage of Frank’s one day sale
through the link provided here, as a special bonus you’ll
get private access to Rich and Frank’s joint live worldwide

That’s right–their show is not going out to the masses.
It’s going to be PASSWORD PROTECTED, so only a
privileged few will be able to watch.

And you could be one of them. But only if you go
here now–TODAY–and get inside of Mass Control.

Check Out Frank’s Latest Video

Frank closes the doors on this one-day sale at 10PM
eastern time tonight.

So here is what you will get:

–A special invite to be a part of the history-making
private live broadcast.
–3 months of Rich’s hot new product, Strategic Profits
Cashmaps process maps.
–A Live Q&A telebroadcast with people on Rich’s team
including Brian Johnson… to talk about the
inner-workings of his company Strategic Profits.
–A Live Q&A with their copywriting team for tips on
email and copy.
You don’t want to miss this…I assure you.

Check Out Frank’s Latest Video

To Higher Profits,
P.S. Whether you’re a Frank Kern fan or not, this
video simply must be watched…

Because Kern pulls back the curtain and reveals
the current economic state for what it REALLY is–
a golden opportunity.

In fact, Frank even shows you how a Mass Control
student just made $83,000 in only one week using
his techniques. And guess what niche he’s in?

That’s right–while everyone else is avoiding the
market like the plague, this guy steps in and pulls
down a cool $83k without so much as batting an eye.
It’s an amazing story–watch here.

Check Out Frank’s Latest Video


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