How One Step could become a Giant Leap…

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Dear Experts,

Thank you for attending all of ‘The League of Extraordinary Minds’ Discovery sessions.

Regardless of whether you’ve attended all 9 of them or just one – we hope you have drawn a tremendous value, both for yourself and for the future of your business.

Here is our final gift for you…

(Drum roll, please…)




You know how they’ll give you ten top Hollywood, "blockbuster" videos — ALL for just a penny—when you agree to try out their "dvd of the month club"?

Well we’ve decided to do something far better—and infinitely more profitable for you—to get you into the role of serious business builder.

So, if you take one more action right now – we’ll guarantee you’ll make more money, gain greater satisfaction, work shorter hours, have less stress, and be well on the way to recreating your business so it finally gives you all you want.

And our proposition has zero downside to you. With those "dvd-of-the-month" clubs you have to purchase ten more dvds (at full price) before you can stop. But in our offer — if you don’t profit you don’t pay!

Most importantly, you get to listen inside our "paid-members-only inner-sanctum"— for one full month (on top of the six weeks of guest member sessions you’ll be hearing).

Not only is there absolutely no purchase risk—whatsoever.

But – unlike the "dvd-club" there is no long-term purchase commitment, either.

Whether you have a business… or you’re just
thinking about starting one…

This is the most important thing you could do for
your future at this moment.





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