The League is taking a Holiday break

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Here’s a quick Holiday Schedule update from The
League of Extraordinary Minds…

The League is taking some time off for the
holidays, so we don’t interrupt your special
holiday time with friends and family.

We hope you have a great holiday season, and a bright outlook for 2010!

Your next free Webcast of "The League of
Extraordinary Minds" is coming up on Thursday,
January 7th at 8:00pm (your local time).

The experts assembled for The League Panel 8…
"Fast-Tracking Your Business: Accelerators That
Drive Rapid and Soaring Success"
Discovery Session

– Dr. Paul Schoemaker… discussing why you can’t
just deal with the symptoms of a problem…

– Herb Cohen… revealing how YOU can become a
masterful negotiator…

– Greg Hicks… shares 9 behaviors leaders MUST
adopt to reduce stress…

– Barry Schwartz… discussing why offering as
much variety as you possibly can will LOWER sales

– Tony Jeary… on dealing with distractions so
you can be more focused with your efforts and get
better results…

– Paul Zane Pilzer… sharing why every
entrepreneur needs to see themselves as one link
in a chain…

And there’s LOTS more from this stellar line-up!

**Click HERE to Register**

If you register NOW for our free "League of Extraordinary Minds" Panel
Discussions, you will get to experience every word from
these "business success" experts…

… And apply their strategies to your specific
situation for higher positioning and higher

Happy Holidays from The League of Extraordinary

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