[League] Panel 5 Webcast Available All Weekend!‏

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Message from LXM

Dear Experts,

Just a quick note to make sure you know about
this important news…

The League of Extraordinary Minds Panel 5 Webcast
from Thursday is being made available all weekend
for your convenience!

**Click HERE to Register**

This week’s Panel 5 Discussion…

"The Performance Enhancement Quotient:
Making Everything You Do Bigger and Better
Starting Now" has already earned rave reviews.

Here are just a few:

Glenn Byers says:

     "While certain concepts may be deemed to be
     advanced, they are nonetheless presented in a
     manner that makes them readily useful to a
     business at virtually any stage of its
     development. Whether a captain of industry or
     an aspiring entrepreneur planning a first
     venture, you would do well to expose yourself
     to these great thinkers. Furthermore, the
     perspectives offered by Jay and Rich
     subsequent to each panel session are a real
     treat – essentially executive summaries that
     add clarity and value to each."

Helena Kelton Berg says:

     "Guidance and mentoring, clarity, value and
     simplicity… that’s what we need today! And
     I need inspiration! And these "extraordinary
     minds" can give it! Thanks!"

Manju says:

     "Every moment of your calls are packed with
     so much information and can-do must-do tips
     that has me drooling over. This method of
     asking questions, then asking the panelists
     if you missed asking an important question
     and having them share such valuable content
     is truly awesome. I look forward to your
     calls every week."

Fin says:
     "Really, really great"
So schedule some time right now to listen in.
You’ll get actionable strategies you can put to
use IMMEDIATELY in your business.
Plus you’ll find out how to avoid the most
common… and most costly mistakes that most
business owners make.

**Click HERE to Register**

On The League Panel 5 Webcast this weekend, you’ll
discover how to…

>> Make everything you do bigger and better…
>> Change your perception of time.. and get more done…
>> Know "when to start"…
>> Take "lessons learned" and put them to use
>> Measure your time management improvements…
>> Stay "one step ahead" of competitive change in
     your market…
>> Avoid distractions… and grow your business

And much, MUCH more!

While you’re logged in to the Webcast, be sure to
leave your comments and tell us what YOU think
about The League Panel 5 discussion.

One thing… Don’t delay.

Because we’re pulling the Panel 5 Webcast offline
at Midnight on Sunday. So listen as soon as you

See you there.

**Click HERE to Register**

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