[League] Tomorrow: Your ‘League of Extraordinary Minds’ Discovery Session‏

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Your "League of Extraordinary Minds"

"The Business Building Triple Play:
The Three Key Levels that’ll Multiply Any Small
Business from the Inside Out"… Is Happening

Register HERE

Dear Experts,

Your next real-world, game changing, business-
transforming, free Webcast of "The League of
Extraordinary Minds"  is happening tomorrow,
Thursday, November 19th.

This breakthrough "discovery session" will cover
this critically important business success factor…

"The Business Building Triple Play: The Three Key
Levels that’ll Multiply Any Small Business from
the Inside Out"

You can access this free "League of Extraordinary
Minds" Webcast online at 8:00pm tomorrow,
Thursday, November 19th (YOUR Local Time),

once you register at the following web page:

Register HERE

During each of these "discovery" sessions, the LXM
experts will focus completely on YOUR
challenges as a small business owner. They will
address the most vital aspects YOU need to focus
on to succeed in today’s challenging economy.
On this new
"The Business Building Triple Play: The
Three Key Levels that’ll Multiply Any Small
Business from the Inside Out"
Panel session, you
will be introduced to these world-class business

Lou Adler
– Lou Adler

revealing the wrong way, and the
right way to attract and hire the best people for
your business, no matter which position you need

Bo Burlingham 

– Bo Burlingham

sharing the common factors
that transform small businesses into well-oiled,
thriving companies, the differences between
businesses that never get the momentum to grow,
and businesses that become multi-million dollar

Eric Flamholtz
– Dr. Eric Flamholtz

…revealing the "not so obvious
factors" that can make a huge difference in the
success of an entrepreneurial company.

Michael Gerber
– Michael Gerber

…sharing how a "want to be"
entrepreneur can jump the fence to being a
thriving entrepreneur, then again to make their
small business really work.

Kerry Patterson
– Kerry Patterson

…revealing how to use his kind
of "CPR" to get things done in your business, and
how to succeed during an economic recession or a
downturn in the economy.

Brad Smart
– Brad Smart

…discussing how to use "Topgrading"
to build the best team for your business. And more
importantly, how to AVOID costly "mis-hires" so
you can "Topgrade your team…Topgrade your
profits… while building your Virtual Bench network
of A- Player prospects."

Marilyn Tam
– Marilyn Tam

… sharing how all entrepreneurs can
achieve a fulfilling life, where you’re happy and
at peace. And not only you, but how your family,
your friends, your business and your customers can
all flourish.

Register HERE

Add this event to your calendar, so you don’t miss out on even one minute of
what this high-level group of "business-building
power" has to share with you… for free!

Register HERE


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