A Personal & Heartfelt Message From Rich Schefren

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Very powerful stuff!

"Very powerful stuff! Especially the self help parts like accept criticism, making commitments to yourself, building friendships, and understanding perceptions. Know how you come across made me think a lot. Can not wait for next meeting."
– Gary Lahti

Thank you so very much…

"Wow this has been the most enlightening time I have spent on the internet for a very long time. The decision to join this has to be one of the finest decisions I have ever made. I loved the reinforcement of a principle I work by and that is people will only buy from people they like and trust, TRUST is the ultimate word in networking. There was so much information that I either did not know about or had forgotten in this webinar. Thank you so very much, and be assured I will have no problem in referring my contacts and clients to your program."

The best hands on session…

"The best hands on session I have ever attended. Whilst I have maintained highest Business Integrity and Trust having worked for 3M for over 9 Years I am now convinced this is the way. No other way. The in sights I gain are very actionable and most profitable. Looking forward for the next session."
– Mehraj Sally

…practical real world advice…

"This was awesome! I have read and heard so much that was just pure theory and not very practical or helpful. What set this apart was the practical real world advice that I can impliment in my business now. Thank-you so much!"
– Liezel

WOW Guys!

"WOW Guys! I can’t believe you are providing this information to small business owners for FREE? I know that companies pay many thousands of dollars for this type of information because I used to work for one. I’m definitely looking forward to the rest of the sessions and I would recommend that any small business owner invests the time to listen to this invaluable information. Well done."
– Rocco

…an inner eye-opener and deep motivator…

"What a concept! Churn great minds on very relevant and immediately actionable key issues in business and see what develops. Hats off to bringing such an event to pass! The first panelist meet was an inner eye-opener and deep motivator on many levels. Right from the biological basis inside your brain to social media leverage to harnessing new markets with USPs and Key differentiators – this is plain revolutionary way of coherently presenting workable ideas on a platter to the small business entrepreneur… Keep it coming!!!"
– Shrinidhi

OH MY GOD!!!!!

"OH MY GOD!!!!! I can’t believe I did not pay for this. Jay you have outone yourself on this one. I can’t begin to tell you how much I got from this. i am goin gto post it on my blog."
– Steven H.

…best information I have received…

"This is by far the best information I have received from any seminar, and I got dozens of useful tips from this excellent group of high achievers. Way beyond what I could have hoped for. If I can’t add thousand of dollars and hundreds of customers to my bottom line, I should scream from the mountaintops "I can’t follow simple instructions! "
– Don


"Amazing! I’ve taken away more from this presentation than I have from most college level marketing courses. And in 2 1/2 hours rather than 2 1/2 months! The panel was fantastic, diverse enough to provide multiple perspectives while still reinforcing the ideas of the others."
– Todd

Truly a mindblowing experience…

"Truly a mindblowing experience, gives fantastic thought provoking ideas that i would never have thought of by myself, thank you so much for providing me with this."
– Ruchi

…found a fast track for my business…

"My dream was to build a six figure income in a couple years time. I now feel that this is actually going to happen in this coming year. I have found a fast track for my business and my life. I have invited friends and relatives to join. I will do so again. This is truly an experience that will be talked about and I will proudly say I was involved in the process that kick started the next generation of the way business evolved to the next level. Once again: Thank you, Thank you Thank you!"
– Ron

…fascinating and fabulous…

"What a fascinating and fabulous way to transfer the wisdom of these incredible minds to budding and seasoned entrepreneurs like me. I’ve read many of your stars books and have applied every principle I could muster. What you’ve done is answer the questions I always wanted to ask, and those I did not know how to ask. and ask you did! Taking it over the top was that the questions were fielded by the entire panel! Wow -Talk about a indelible way to drive great concepts home!"
– Keith Streckenbach

…most insightful coverage of marketing…

"This has been the most insightful coverage of marketing strategies that I have seen in my 25 years of industry creation and growth consulting. Rich and Jay, Excellent job! Breaking the barriers of a prospect’s mental resistance is over-whelmingly complex if you try and read about it. This coverage was clear, easy to follow and actionable. A must for anyone that really wants to survive in today’s complex global economy."
– Paul McDowell

…most valuable things I have personally done…

"Joining the League of Extraordinary Minds is one the most valuable things I have personally done with my time in many years. To have a group of experts all speaking on marketing strategies, and listening to how these people and their way of breaking open the minds of the average consumer is AWESOME insight that one cannot get from reading a couple books. I think that anyone taking part in this process will surely be re-thinking their way of talking and presenting themselves to others. I look forward to writing my future ads with my new found information. Thank-you many times over and I can’t wait to hear what is next."
– Bill

Absolutely outstanding…

"Absolutely outstanding information that not only created ideas but motivated me to take action especially in terms of positioning myself and company. A heartfelt kudos to all the experts. Thank You!"
– Jason

…made a $3,200 sale…

"This was the best investment I’ve ever made in any training program. After I listened last night I couldn’t wait to go out and sell this morning. The first thing I did was go to a customer that I have not been able to close for a year. I made a $3200 sale to a guy who told me he would not spend more than $300. I learned so much last night. The fear of loss is a bigger motivator than the hope for gain, people will always see you as they first see you, and how to use emotions to sell. Over the next twelve months I expect to take my income to seven figures and I have a simple plan on how to do it now, thanks to the extraordinary minds."
– George Louvis

…a paradigm shift on a number of levels…

"AWESOME. Some of the best insight came during the recap at the end. The subject matter was a paradigm shift on a number of levels. As a B2B seller of financial services, the subject matter was incredible!"
– Justin E.

What a blessing.

"Oh my gosh. what a blessing. oh my gosh is all i can say right now,i am so new at this, and i have no where near the success of anyone on here. but i am trying. God bless you."
– Jeff

I am speechless!

"Thank you just does not convey my thoughts. I am speechless! To have sat at the feet of these great minds and listened to their words of knowledge and wisdom was a Shaft of light in these dark days of recession. How grateful I am."
– Alan H.


"AWE STRUCK !!!!!!!! I could fill this page with any number of words and phrases to describe one of the most powerful events I’ve experienced in a long time. One "A" list presenter is often amazing. But, when you fill the table with a whole group of "A" listers and have them all talking to "me". WOW !!!! Together, this group jumped in and went about creating a "ton" of value for me and people like me. It will take a while for me absorb all that I heard and then go apply it. This is true multiple review material. Go back to that list of people you listen to now and scrub it clean of anyone that doesn’t measure up to this group. Then, get ready for the next session. Good thing there’s a little time before that session comes to act on this first session. Thank you, very much… even though I had to deal with technical issues that interrupted the presentation. What I did receive was well worth every minute I invested."
– Jim DeArmond

One of the best decisions I’ve ever made..

"One of the best decisions I’ve ever made has been to join the this panel interviews. I learned so much about the importance of "Trust" credibility trigger bonding and customer service just to mention a few. What I’ve learned is invaluable to the growth of my business which will in intern improve not only my life but also the life of my family .I will do anything to convince my friends and family how attending these sessions will change the way they see and do business by learning to build trust. To all the speakers I say, thank You so much for sharing your thoughts and knowledge."
– Aetna Buitron

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