Meet Panel 3 of The League of Extraordinary Minds

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Message from LXM

Dear Experts,

I hope you’re excited about the next free Webcast
of "The League of Extraordinary Minds" coming up
on Thursday, November 12th at 8:00pm (Eastern Standard

You see, Jay Abraham and Rich Schefren have gone to great lengths to bring
this panel of top persuasion and communication
experts together for your benefit.

A panel you’d be hard-pressed to gather on your
own, or witness anywhere else… with the broadest
spectrum of talents and perspectives on issues
that affect you directly… that you can hear in just
one free Webcast session.

The next expert panel is called

"Pre-Emptive Marketing: Innovative Tactics That Outperform What Everyone Else Is Doing"

Click here to Register for the Session

This Panel of Expert Speakers includes:


Paul Cherry…

Author of "Questions That Sell"
and founder of Performance Based Results, Paul
has over 20 years experience in sales training,
leadership development, sales coaching and
leadership coaching.

Questions That Sell: The Powerful Process for Discovering What Your Customer Really Wants

Check out Paul Cherry’s book on

Paul is also one of the foremost experts on sales
questioning methods and techniques, having helped
over 1,200 organizations in every major industry,
ranging from family-owned small businesses to
leading Fortune 500 companies. Paul’s sales
training delivers at least a 10X return on
investment to an astounding 92% of his clients.


Vicki Kunkel

Vicki Kunkel…

Author of "Instant Appeal: The 8 Primal Factors That Create Blockbuster Success"
is an Influence, Persuasion, Mass Appeal and
Communications Expert who helps business owners
unlock the secrets of getting legions of loyal

Instant Appeal: The 8 Primal Factors That Create Blockbuster Success

Check out Vicki Kunkel’s book on

Vicki is in the business of creating trust through
interactive consumer educational content that has
real meaning and value to your customers, and
promotes deep connections with your products
and services.


Jay Conrad Levinson

Jay Conrad Levinson…

One of the foremost business marketing experts in the world. Jay is
the author of the #1 best-selling marketing series
in history, "Guerrilla Marketing" plus 55 other
books which have sold a total of 14 million copies
worldwide. His guerrilla concepts have influenced
marketing so much, his books appear in 43
languages and are required reading in many MBA
programs worldwide.

Guerrilla Marketing, 4th edition: Easy and Inexpensive Strategies for Making Big Profits from Your SmallBusiness

Check out Jay Conrad Levinson’s books on

Jay has twelve years of experience as the Creative
Director of leading advertising agencies in the
U.S. and Europe and served for ten years as an
Instructor of Marketing at the University of
California in Berkeley. He is a highly successful
speaker who has made presentations and conducted
seminars worldwide.


Al Ries

Al Ries…

A legendary marketing strategist and
the bestselling author (or co-author) of 11 books
on marketing including "Positioning: The Battle
for Your Mind," "Marketing Warfare," "Focus," "The
22 Immutable Laws of Branding," "The Fall Of
Advertising & The Rise of PR," and his latest "The
Origin of Brands."

The Origin of Brands: Discover the Natural Laws of Product Innovation and Business Survival

Check out Al Ries’ books on


Gary Vaynerchuk

Gary Vaynerchuk…

Author of "Crush It: Why Now
Is The Time To Cash In On Your Passion," Gary has
captured attention with his pioneering, multi-
faceted approach to personal branding and business.

Crush It!

Check out Gary Vaynerchuk’s books on

After building his family’s local wine business
into a national industry leader, he rapidly
leveraged social media tools such as Twitter and
Facebook to promote Wine Library TV, his video
blog about wine. As his viewership swelled to over
80,000 a day, doors opened to a book deal, several
national TV appearances, and a flurry of speaking
engagements around the world.



Sergio Zyman…

Author of best selling book,
"The End Of Marketing As We Know It,"
passionately advocates a vision of scientific,
process-based marketing as the driver of sales and
profits and the centerpiece of business. The only
definition of marketing success he upholds is
"selling more stuff to more people more often for
more money more efficiently."

The End of Advertising as We Know It

Check out Sergio Zyman’s books on

Sergio was the former Chief Marketing Officer of
The Coca-Cola Company. Over the course of 30+
years of hands-on marketing experience, Zyman has
conceived a revolutionary set of principles that are
proven to translate marketing strategies into positive
business results. He rejects the old rules of the
industry that conceptualized marketing  as an art
form with vague commercials and awareness


This is truly a "stellar" lineup of extraordinary
business and marketing minds! Register for the free
"League of Extraordinary Minds" Panel Discussions,
and get to experience every word of it.

Click here to Register for the Session

… And apply the strategies to your specific situation
for higher positioning and higher profits!

Don’t miss out on even one minute of what this high-level group of
"business-building power" has to share with you…
for free!

Click here to Register for the Session

Keep smiling,


/Val Slastnikov/

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