The reviews are in: the League is a HIT!

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Dear Experts,

Last week I was a part of the first League of Extraordinary
Minds panel discussion, and I have to admit–this is
WAY better than I ever expected!

The guest Experts that Jay Abraham and Rich
Schefren had invited were tops in their field. And
the amazing insights and incredible strategies
they delivered were unlike anything I had ever
heard of.

Seriously–my mind is reeling with new ideas and
breakthroughs as I go over the pages and pages of
notes that I took (yesterday I gave you a quick review of that, too.)

And apparently, I’m not the only one…

There were literally THOUSANDS of marketers and
entrepreneurs listening to the webcast last
Thursday–so many, in fact, that Alexa had them
ranked at #9 for that time period.
(Whew…that’s a TON of people folks)

So the big question is…why weren’t YOU there?

Because this is obviously striking a chord with
the business and marketing community. And it’s
definitely delivering on everything that Jay and
Rich promised it to be.

So why not get in on the action and register for
the next panel coming up on Thursday night,
November 5th?

Register for the next Session here

It’s titled, "Using Brain Based Marketing to
Engineer Irrefusable Offers: Getting People Who
Don’t Buy to Buy Enthusiastically"

And here’s the expert panelist lineup:

– Dan Ariely… is the author of "Predictably
Irrational: The Hidden Forces That Shape Our
Decisions" and Professor of Behavioral Economics
at Duke University.

– Ori Brafman…Author of "Sway: The Irresistible
Pull of Irrational Behavior" and a lifelong
entrepreneur, his quest is to uncover the reasons
why perfectly rational people make irrational

– Dr. Robert Cialdini.. Author of "Yes!: 50
Scientifically Proven Ways to Be Persuasive,"
"Influence: Science and Practice" and "Influence:
The Psychology of Persuasion."

– Pam Danziger…is an internationally recognized
expert in understanding the mind of the consumer.
An author of books on consumer psychology and
behavior… including "Why People Buy Things They
Don’t Need."

– Dan Hill…Author of "Emotionomics: Leveraging
Emotions for Business Success," Dan is a
recognized authority on the role of emotions in
consumer and employee behavior.

– Christophe Morin…Co-author of Neuromarketing:
Understanding the Buy Buttons in Your Customer’s
Brain, and "Chief Pain Officer" at SalesBrain.

Sounds like an amazing group of experts, doesn’t it?
But you need to get registered NOW. So go do that
right here (remember–it’s free).

Register for the next Session here

See you inside!

Keep smiling,


/Val Slastnikov/

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