Is this the "Dream Team" of business success?

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Val Slastnikov

Man, was it sweet to watch…

During the 1992 Olympics in Barcelona, the U.S.
Basketball team was quite possibly the greatest
collection of athletes ever assembled.

Jordan…Magic…Bird…and many more. All coming
together for one common goal: to bring home the

And did they ever. The Dream Team rolled through
every opponent like a freight train, winning by an
average of 44 points.

Most of the opposing players didn’t even put up a
fight–they were just in total awe, being on the
same floor with these future Hall-of-Famers.

In fact, one was seen waving frantically to a
teammate on the bench so his friend could snap a
picture of him guarding Magic Johnson!

Amazing how bringing together the true superstars
of one sport can leave everyone virtually

But what about the marketing and business world?
Has there ever been a bona fide "Dream Team"
assembled all in one place?

Nope–at least, not until NOW.

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With "The League of Extraordinary Minds," Rich
Schefren and Jay Abraham are making business
history with a Dream Team that’s unlike anything
you’ve ever seen…

More than 50 legendary business geniuses have all
come together for one reason and one reason only–
to help improve YOUR business and financial future
as quickly as possible.

And the best part? It won’t cost you a penny.

Go here to find out more.

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For six unforgettable weeks, Jay and Rich–along
with a Dream Team of dozens of high-profile
business experts–are going to open up the "profit
floodgate" of windfall growth for a limited number
of invited subscribers…

You’ll be participating in a one-of-a-kind
experience where each expert will openly share
(through group panel interview sessions) their
best-reasoned, best-researched expert ideas on
what changes you need to make NOW to multiply
your profits as quickly and easily as possible.

Every area of your busines will be covered in
detail, including:

Sales Efforts
Lead Generation/Conversion
Public Relations
Online Marketing
And much more!

The list of experts is simply astounding. Go here
and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

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Look, this is the opportunity of a lifetime…a
chance to finally jump to the next level and start
making the money you so rightly deserve in 2009.
And the Dream Team can help make it happen.

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So tell me…what’s your missing piece of the

Keep smiling,


/Val Slastnikov/

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