How You Can Profit As THE Trusted Authority In Your Field‏

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A Special Bulletin For Anyone Who Wants To Tap
Into Jay Abraham and Rich Schefren’s Incredibly
Profitable Knowledge And Experience… To Battle
This Recession And WIN!

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Dear Experts,

No matter who you are, no matter where you’re at
in your business right now, no matter how hard
this recession has hit you, no matter what your
age, race, education or financial condition is…
we’ve got GREAT news for you!

While more than 46,000 businesses go bankrupt each
month… The current economic downturn has
triggered a "business growth bonanza" for sharp

…who know how to "zig" while all of their
competitors are "zagging."

You can quickly become the #1 trusted authority…
the dominant "Maven" of your field… especially in
these recessionary times… and take advantage of this
GOLDEN opportunity to grab dominant market share
and significant wealth.

Get Started Today

Fact 1: "Maven Marketing" can put millions of extra
dollars in your bank account in 2010.
Fact 2: You can replace uncertainty, frustration,
hard work and marginal results… with high-yield,
low-risk, low-effort, super-sized sales and profits…
When you and your product or service become the
center of attention… by repositioning yourself as
the dominant Maven of your market!

See, Mavens are people just like you, who learn
how to transport themselves from drudgery, stress,
fear and the mundane… to become liberated,
fulfilled, enlightened and permanently prosperous
from what they do.

And since you are reading this right now, we know
you have the open-mindedness, decisiveness,
unfulfilled ambition and untapped (or under-utilized)
talent to quickly and permanently transport yourself
and your business to "Maven" status in your

… using our one-of-a-kind "Maven Marketing 2.0"
Coaching Program that completely and specifically
reveals how easily, enjoyably, and rapidly you can
actually do it!

Get Started Today

So what is Maven Marketing?

Solid actionable strategies to transform your profit
margins from blah to BOOYAH – almost immediately.
Behind-the-scenes, "hush-hush" tactics and strategies
for massively increasing your bottom line.

Mind-blowing tips for creating wealth faster and
easier than you ever thought possible.

Proprietary techniques so privileged, so private,
so extraordinary, they’ve only been revealed to a
handful of our best clients…
… until NOW!

Get Started Today

Our "Maven Marketing 2.0" Coaching Program will
infuse these CRITICAL success factors you need
right now, if you want to not only survive, but
THRIVE in these recessionary times:

– How to move prospects who are "on the fence"
  over to "committed buyers" right away.
– The low-cost marketing technique that works most
  effectively in a damaged economy.
– How to maximize profits in times like these when
  buyers are so uncertain.
– How to apply any of our "25 Business Breakthroughs"
  that work wonders, at 50-70% LESS than you’re
  spending now on marketing and advertising.
– The key fundamental steps to take to reposition
  yourself (and your business) and become THE
  trusted advisor of your marketplace.
– Why almost everybody is struggling to get their
  online businesses going and growing (and why YOU
  don’t have to anymore)
– Why certain people in your field earn up to 100
  TIMES more than you, and how to surpass them.
Ready to take the very PROFITABLE step up to
Mavenhood? Risk-free?

Get Started Today

Keep smiling!

/Val Slastnikov/
P.S. Every day you continue to struggle, doing
business as you always have, is one less day you’ll
have to enjoy the increased respect, status, business
and wealth of being the dominant "Maven" of your

Why wait? Are you satisfied with your business and
your life right now?
Then do something about it now, right here:

Get Started Today

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