Expert Engagement Rules – Conclusion

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Watch ‘The Expert Survey’ Screencast # 2

Click here to watch this Presentation as a SlideShow

Dear Experts,

I am very excited today!

Not only because today we are sending you the final Screencast of the GEA Expert Engagement series. And not only because my Team, my Partners and I fully understand that each Expert that we bring on board adds tremendous value to the Global Experts Association.

But mostly, I am excited about the content of this final Presentation.

What is so special about that content?

Well, you will be the final judge of that, but here’s what we are wrapping up with for you today:

  • Question 8: “How many subscribers do you have at this time?”

This question is all about your List of Subscribers. It relates directly to the size of your Network and makes you think about how much $$$ you have a potential to generate with your Network

  • Question 9: “What would you like to achieve by joining Global Experts Association?”

This question is about 7 Functions of GEA Network – from the Expert’s prospective. The answers will show you how GEA will help you get rid of the Big Problem, stop living “Project-based” Life Style and build Prosperity you rightfully deserve, as a focused and well-positioned Expert.

  • Question 10: “ If you are selected, what GEA solutions would you be interested in yourself? ”

This question reveals the power of our Strategic Partners that you would be able to tap into, in order to receive an instant Unfair Advantage over all other experts in your industry and fast-track to having your own Business System of promoting your Expert knowledge to all of your Network.

Now do you see why I am so excited? 🙂

We would love to be able to say to you soon:


And, finally –

If you have any questions after this Presentation, please feel free to use the following options:

1) ask them on this blog in the Comment Section below

2) use “Contact Us” page at


3) send a private and confidential email to:


/Val Slastnikov/



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