What’s in “The Expert Survey”?

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Watch ‘The Expert Survey’ Screencast # 1

Click here to watch this Presentation as a SlideShow

Dear Experts,

Last week we’ve talked about why my Team, my Partners and I decided to start Global Experts Association (to help get rid of The Big Problem in the Experts Industry) and how it can benefit you, the Expert.

Namely, you will be able to stop living “Project-based” Life Style and build Prosperity you rightfully deserve, as a focused and well-positioned Expert.

We’ve also talked about the book that “Started it all”, so to speak.

The book is called “The Secret Power Of An Expert” and its Part 1 is available at: www.SecretPowerOfAnExpert.com

Also, please feel free to visit the GEA Network website where you can review all last week’s Presentations.

The Membership site of Global Experts Association is still in development and we will invite you to join us soon.

Once the Membership site is launched, you will be able to join us as an Expert or as a Client.

In the meantime our goal, desire and mission is to explain to you everything there is to know about GEA and, if you are an Expert, how you can join us and why.

Just to remind you, unlike any other Global Expert Networks out there, GEA Network is Expert-centric and Expert agenda-based. It means that it is not created for the sole benefit of its founders, or its clients – this is what other Networks are for!

Unlike other Networks, we are not starting this organization to satisfy our greed or because of our desire to please our Stakeholders!

No, GEA Network will be revolving around YOU, the Expert! It is designed with the Sole purpose and value in mind:

To help YOU, the Experts of this World, achieve Maximum Prosperity you deserve!

Not in the afterlife, or “figuratively” speaking – no!

We want YOU, the Expert enjoy the abundance of resources and happiness available to you HERE, in THIS lifetime, on this Earth. That is why we’ve said to you last week that we will do everything we can, in order to help you MANAGE your Expertise for Prosperity, for Abundance – and NOT for Scarcity, like the rest of the World is trying to do at this time.

As we’ve mentioned before, all you need to do to become GEA Expert is follow these 3 simple steps:

1. Read the book where I outlined “The Rules of Engagement” and what it takes to become a member of our Global Experts Association.

Download and read all 89 pages of my book here:


The Secret Power of an Expert – Book One

2. Email a short, 10-slide PowerPoint presentation about your products or services with your company logo and your picture in .jpg format.

If you need a point of reference – see how my partners presented their services in this presentation – and do the same!

Email your presentation to: ask-an-expert@digitizergroup.com

3. Fill out a small, 10-question Survey that we will email to you, once we receive your PowerPoint presentation.

We will do a thorough evaluation and, if you qualify, we will be happy to include you and your company into our Global Experts Association.

Anyway – enough said, here’s what we wanted to cover in our today’s Screencast:

Many of you asked us about the contents of The Expert Survey that we promised to send you, as soon as we receive your PowerPoint Presentation, and how you could answer all the 10 Questions correctly, in order to be accepted as a GEA Expert.

So, in order to answer that, we’ve put together

“The Expert Survey” Screencasts # 1 and 2.

Today’s screencast will include the Answers and Fill-out Instructions to the following Questions:

  • Question 1: “What is your full name?”
  • Question 2: “ Are you an Expert? ”
  • Question 3: “ What kind of an Expert Are You? ”
  • Question 4: “ Have you read The Secret Power Of An Expert, Book One? ”
  • Question 5: “ Do you have any solutions, products or services for GEA Market? ”
  • Question 6: “ If you answered “Yes” to Question 5, what segment(s) of GEA Market your solution, product or service is for? ”
  • Question 7: “ What is the Power of an Expert? ”

Just to emphasize the point, in order to answer the qualifying questions of the Survey correctly, you would need to download and read my book The Secret Power of an Expert – Book One .

The benefit to YOU, the Expert is that you will understand Philosophy behind creation of GEA Network, learn about Success Options – and, most importantly, you will see how a simple shift in your Expertise strategy will help you become a widely recognized and prosperous Expert – in your target markets locally, nationally and worldwide.

Once again, we can’t stress this enough –

If you have any questions after this Presentation, please feel free to use the following options:

1) ask them on this blog in the Comment Section below

2) use “Contact Us” page at www.GEANetwork.com


3) send a private and confidential email to:



/Val Slastnikov/

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