Joining GEA as an Expert

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Watch GEA Screencast 3

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Dear Experts,

In GEA Screencasts 1 & 2 we have exposed The Big Problem in the Experts Industry (why Experts suffer and die without ever experiencing the true prosperity they deserve), revealed the reasons why it is happening (Project-based life style, Phases I & II) and outlined the solution (GEA or Global Experts Association), an “Expert-Centric” organization that my Team, my Partners and I are trying to create, in order to help struggling experts focus more on their expertise (instead of just trying to keep their clients happy) and start creating prosperity instead of struggling for survival.

Chris Anderson, Chief Editor of “Wired” Magazine, said in his latest book “Free – The Future of a Radical Price” that now “It’s Time to Manage for Abundance, Not Scarcity”.

So, the goal of my Team, my Partners’ and mine is to help you manage your Expertise for Abundance – that’s all.

If you are new to this blog and if you’ve never heard of the Global Experts Association and the GEA Network before – please feel free to review the previous Slide Presentations and Screencasts at the following page here .

In our today’s Screencast we will talk about Joining GEA as an Expert and cover the following topics:

– DEFINITIONS, such as:

  • What is an Expert?
  • Expert vs. Specialist
  • Expert vs. Generalist
  • How do Experts think?

– BENEFITS, i.e. what EXACTLY will you get if you register as a GEA Expert

– RATING PROCESS, i.e. How you will be rated as an Expert and who will be rating you against other Experts

– FINALLY, we will cover the 7 Steps of Successful Consulting Process and show you the Diagram of this Process

Tomorrow we will talk about the Application process, so that you will know how you can apply to become GEA Expert and what exactly the steps are if you decide to join Global Experts Association.


If you have any questions by now, please feel free to use the following options:

1) ask them on this blog in the Comment Section below

2) use “Contact Us” page at 


3) send a private and confidential email to:


/Val Slastnikov/


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