7 Functions of GEA Network

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Watch GEA Screencast 2

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Dear Experts and Small Business owners,

In our Screencast # 1 yesterday we spoke about The Big Problem that exists in the Experts Community (Experts are suffering and dying broke, without EVER experiencing real prosperity they rightfully deserve), the reason WHY it’s happening (Project-driven LifeStyle Phase I, “Working on a Project” and Phase II, “Looking for a Project – 2 modus operandi that are hardly sustainable, even during “Good” Economy, while during “Bad Economy” they are downright suicidal!) and how you can AVOID all this by a simple SHIFT in your focus:

– instead of focusing on managing your unmanageable projects – just focus more on your expertise and your INFINITE VALUE, the SECRET POWER that you possess as an Expert!

And that involves focusing on just a few things, specifically:

1. Building the Network of followers that value your Expertise and becoming an undeniable Expert that they desire

2. Productizing your knowledge, so that you could stop working and START CREATING

3. Building the Systems that promote your products and services, built on your knowledge to the Network of your followers and admirers

We’ve also said that you can do all that by either BUILDING YOUR OWN Network or JOINING SOMEONE ELSE’S Network – the choice is yours!

And then we’ve mentioned the issues with Global Expert Networks that we’d analysed:

All of them are either AGENDA-BASED (i.e. pushing their Agenda) or CLIENT-FOCUSED (i.e. they exploit Expert’s knowledge for the benefit of their Clients).

However, Global Experts Association and its Network that my Team, my Strategic Partners and I are trying to build, will be EXPERT-CENTRIC, that is we will be focusing on:

– Helping YOU, the Expert to build your Network

– Helping YOU, The Expert to productize your knowledge AND

– Helping YOU, the Expert to build the Systems that promote your products

We’ve also said WHY you should do it, and if you’ve missed GEA Screencast # 1, you can either watch it here or if you don’t like the sound of my voice – simply go to SlideShare and view or download it there as a slide show.

Today, in our GEA Screencast # 2 we will talk further about WHY GEA Network is different than any other Expert Network out there and we will cover the following topics:

    • 7 Functions Of GEA Network
    • What, Why and How are we going to deliver its value to you
    • How we are going to help you build the Network and who you will be networking with
    • How we help you to turn your knowledge into Products
    • How we help you collect Proof and what type of Proof needs to be collected
    • How we help you Create Legacy and Build the Promotional Systems for your Network
    • How we help Established Experts and what type of Global Positioning Products we have for them

Tomorrow, in our GEA Screencast # 3 we will show you how and when you can join us and how you can leverage the networking, the product creation and the promotional power of my Team, my Strategic Partners and my own.

Most importantly, we will show you how you can instantly experience the Prosperity of an Expert that you so rightfully deserve… But for now –

Enjoy the show!


/Val Slastnikov/


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