The Rules of Engagement

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Boris Bold  “My values are those of a generation that has taken control of its existence and future. I pledge allegiance to only one flag: my own.”  – The slogan of Boris Bold beer, “The Strong Alsatian.”

If you are looking for addresses of people and companies to market your products and services to, look no further:

You can market your offerings to us. 

 So…Who is “us”?

The answer is simple.

“Us” is my Team, my Strategic Partners and I.

Altogether, we are building a new Global Social Network called “GEA Network” where “GEA” stands for “Global Experts Association.”

OK. Now that that’s out of the way, of course your next question is:

“What does it take to do it?”

I’m glad you’ve asked!

That’s easy as well!!

All you need to do is read “The Rules of Engagement” that are outlined in my book “The Secret Power of an Expert – Book One”.

I understand that now you may be awfully busy and that you can barely go through a few things as it is – we are all busy people these days!

I even understand things like “you’ve read it all” and “you’ve seen it all” already and that the so-called “Gurus” made you buy their packages for thousands of dollars and did not deliver squat. I totally believe that at the end you still ended up having to do all the stuff yourself in order to reach that proverbial “Financial Freedom” that they had been talking about, and that now you’ve become awfully sceptical about everything and everybody who tells you – just do this, and money starts falling from the sky. And that in your opinion “they are nothing but a bunch of liars and crooks!”

I totally understand how you feel.

I can also tell you that it’s not your fault that you feel that way – it’s the Guru’s fault! They are the ones who have been lying to you for years and you were merely a helpless victim to their sophisticated scams!!

In fact, I myself have a huge big problem with almost all gurus that I also bought lots of packages from who got me so disappointed, except for just a few of them. The ones that I still listen to, whose teachings I promote and who I respect and trust as my mentors and great human beings.

Even so – none of those gurus will actually do stuff FOR YOU, my friend!

All of them will still give you a song, then a dance…and then they would want you to buy their package…or join their Network…or pay for their Seminar…or buy their book, etc.

But not me! My offer is totally opposite to any of the ones made by any Guru! 

Read the first sentence in this article again. Yes, you’ve got it right:

I want you to market YOUR products and YOUR services to us.

Yes, there’s the catch: you will have to read my book, all of it – no excuses!

Because there will be a test, once you’ve read it. Because our Global Network does not want everyone to be involved in it.

You would have to qualify to be in it! Because this is a small circle, an exclusive club, an elite society, if you want.

Because we only want those people that understand the philosophy behind the Association. We only want people who made a commitment to themselves. In fact, each member of my Team, all my Strategic Partners and I have made this commitment.

We only want 3 types of people to be in our Network:

1.  Those who decided to become true and undeniable experts in what they do, but haven’t become experts yet.

We call this group “Aspirants” because of their status: they “aspire” to become experts.

2.  Those who are already experts, but not positioned in their markets as Undeniable Experts yet.

We call this group “Positionists” because of what they’re trying to do right now: they try to “position” themselves as experts in their target markets.

3.  Those who are already experts who are already positioned in their target markets, but not positioned in their markets Globally yet.

We call this last group “Globalists” because they are seeking Global Exposure that would give them true and ultimate freedom, as well as prosperity as a Globally recognized and Undeniable Experts, the Market Mavens and the dominant force in their markets.

You see, all these different types of Experts require different sets of tools and strategies for accomplishing their goals and achieving their statuses.

This is why my book offers an “Ascending ladder” approach whereas we deal with your current status first, we evaluate where you stand and what type of help you require.

Then, and only then, only if you qualify to be in the Global Experts Association, if you fit one of the 3 groups we’ve described earlier, we will allow you to join our network and market your products and services to the rest of us.

At this time, we work with all of our Experts on a “one on one” basis only and will not open our Membership to the mass market, until the market is ready for it.


Because there are too many so-called “Gurus” out there who proclaim themselves to be experts when they’re not.

Because achieving a true and undeniable Expert status is hard work, and you can’t buy it for any kind of money in the world.

And because the majority of those so-called “Gurus” are nothing but con artists, and they are being exposed – by their own markets! – as being con artists that they are almost every day now, when times are tough and when only the genuine Experts can maintain the expert status that they’ve earned and continue to maintain.

You will know exactly who they are, and I talk about them on page 7 of my book “The Secret Power of an Expert – Book One”.

As an extra bonus, my book gives you an exact idea of how you can launch your business in the right way and stop struggling.

I promise to you that if you read my book, you will stop looking for customers and start getting lots and lots of orders.

The concept is pretty simple, you just have to change your attitude to business a little bit.

But once you get it, you will never do things the same way again.

All you will be doing is creating partnerships with other companies that can extend your offerings to their markets – that’s all!

The formula of our Association is this – “Package your offerings with ours and let others promote your business while you focus on becoming a true and undeniable expert, positioning yourself in your target market and getting the global exposure – that’s all!” 

Read my book and you will find out how you can gain an instant Unfair Advantage over all competitors in your industry!

Regardless of what your products or services are, we will include them into our package and offer them to our target markets, which is Expert Communities Worldwide!

What my book is about.

The first part of my book covers 3 things:

*1. Is Success an Art or a Science?*

*2. What is “Success Options” and how can you use them to your advantage?* 

*3. Why your success in Life and Business depends so much on a Business Model you choose?* 

*4. How to capitalize on Internet Market trends and emerging Global Expert Communities if you want to succeed in new business conditions.*

I guarantee you ONE THING:

Even if you don’t qualify for the GEA Membership, my book will still be able to change your life and your attitude towards business, you will want to share it with all your friends and you will become raving fans of the philosophy that I share with you in this book.

Now let me tell you what my book is NOT about.

It is NOT a “get-rich-quick” scheme.

It is NOT a scam to lure you into anything illegal.

It is NOT about MLM.

It is NOT about tactics.

It is NOT about a “Pie in the Sky”.

It is NOT asking you to send any money to anyone at the end.

This book is about YOU and YOUR UNFAIR ADVANTAGE.

This book is about YOUR future, YOUR success options and YOUR Prosperity as an Expert.

What you need to do now:

All you need to do is these 3 steps:

1. Read the book where I outlined “The Rules of Engagement” and what it takes to become a member of our Global Experts Association.

Download and read all 89 pages of my book here: 


The Secret Power of an Expert – Book One 

2. Email a short, 10-slide PowerPoint presentation about your products or services with your company logo and your picture in .jpg format.  

If you need a point of reference – see how my partners presented their services in this presentation – and do the same!

Email your presentation to:

3. Fill out a small, 10-question Survey that we will email to you, once we receive your PowerPoint presentation.

We will do a thorough evaluation and, if you qualify, we will be happy to include you and your company into our Global Experts Association.

Act now and we will send you free GEA Leads package – watch the Presentation below to find out what it is and what the package can do for you:


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