“This is it” for Michael Jackson

June 26, 2009 at 5:12 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 2 Comments


“On the morning of June 25, 2009, (Michael) Jackson reportedly collapsed at a rented home in Holmby Hills in Los Angeles. Los Angeles Fire Department paramedics responded to a 911 call at 12:21 pm local (Pacific) time[185] and arrived at 12:30 pm. Jackson was reportedly not breathing and CPR was quickly performed.[186] He fell into a coma and died shortly after being rushed to UCLA Medical Center.[187] The cause of death is reported to be cardiac arrest.[186] Jackson was pronounced dead at about 2:26 pm local time.[188] Los Angeles Police Department homicide and robbery division detectives attended the scene as a matter of routine in high profile death cases.[189] An autopsy is said to be scheduled for Friday, June 26, 2009.” – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Here’s the video announcement about the death of Michael Jackson:

A very sad and ominous fact is that since the beginning of this year Michael Jackson has been preparing for his final tour entitled “This Is It” that was supposed to kick off in London, England on July 13, 2009. Apparently, this was not meant to be, as God scheduled a different kind of tour for the King of Pop.

Michael will be performing now for the celestial crowds who will hopefully be more kind and forgiving to him than us mortals, and who will treat him with more respect and dignity he truly deserves.

Millions of Michael’s fans all over the world are in shock over his death – here’s one of YouTube comments that reflects these feelings of grief and enormous loss:

thanx for so many wonderful memories.
My youth was filled with your music and dance.
Yes indeed you were the biggest star ever.”



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  1. Good blog mate. As someone said on the news last night, MJ didn’t even get the chance to do the Moon Walk one more time and say goodbye first.

  2. Thanks for a great comment, Ernie! I grew up on Michael Jackson’s music, and to me his Thriller is still # 1 album of all time. Truly, we don’t appreciate the treasures we have in this world, and only realize what we’ve lost when they are no more…

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