GEA Network Flowchart

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In today’s article we will show you how our company, Digitizer Group will be creating a Global Experts Association Network (GEA Network) (The Official Launch is scheduled for Q3 of 2009) in 3 Phases:

1. Preparation Phase

2. Campaign Creation

3. Campaign Rollout

This step by step process is highly replicable and can be used in any market niche and for any company – big or small. Here we go:

1. Preparation Phase.

Digitizer Group purchases and installs an updated version of Financial Marketing database (RAW DATA ON A DISK – see Picture 1.) with 4.5 Million U.S. records and 0.5 Million Canadian records. The List contains full contact information of the decision-makers and corporate executives, as well as company’s revenues, size, number of employees and the credit rating of each company.

Picture 1.


During the data migration process all the records are ported into a MASTER DATA REPOSITORY (Microsoft CRM Dynamics Online Database).

After Data is selected for a specific campaign, the records are ported into LMS (Leads Management System) WITH FILTERED DATA running on one of the servers of Automated Marketing Solutions, our partner company.

2. Campaign Creation.

Copy Writer creates the Marketing materials for the campaign, such as

1) Email content,

2) Free Reports (1 – for Clients; 2 – for Advisors; 3 – for Experts)

3) Newsletters.

Copy Writer presents the materials to Digitizer Group for approval. After all materials are approved, the Marketing Coordinator creates the

1) Lead Capture squeeze pages,

2) customizes the GEA Network website (see ),

3) creates GEA Network Blog and Forum,

4) GEA Tenders Marketplace,

5) GEA Products Websites (similar to and

6) develops the campaign sequences (Workflows) with AMS.

(See Picture 2.)

Picture 2.clip_image005

After the campaign is fully developed and approved by Digitizer Group, the Day By Day campaign sequence begins.

3. Campaign Rollout.

The initial invitation piece is being broadcast to the Target Market in the in a variety of methods (email, fax, phone and direct mail outs) and the prospects express their interest by either:

1) calling the 1-800 numbers mentioned in the invitations,


2) filling out one of the forms in the squeeze pages or


3) joining the GEA prospects list on a GEA Network website running on a Membership site Platform.


Day One: AMS (Automated Marketing Solutions) will capture Visitor’s info, i.e. names, fax, email, telephone and mailing address


and Confirms their request by Autoresponder;


Their print fulfillment company receives notice to mail the FREE Report that arrives to the prospect in 3-4 days


Day Two: AMS sends a “Watch Your Mailbox” Fax message to the Direct Mail prospect. It says “Check your Mailbox for FREE Report”


Day Three: AMS sends a “Watch Your Mailbox” Voice Broadcast


Day Four: FREE Report arrives by mail, along with Special Offer that expires within ‘X’ number of Days after the initial request (Like, “Get on the V.I.P List/Visit the Blog and get a FREE Audio of this FREE Report that you can play in your car on the way to your office/work)

clip_image018    clip_image020    clip_image022

Day 7: Follow-up email arrives. It asks “Have you read the report and do you have any questions?”


Day 9: Testimonial Postcard arrives that says “I read this FREE Report and now I know how to pick the best Experts for my Projects. Thank you, GEA Network!”


Day 14: Second Notice Letter arrives. It has FREE Report again and reminds them that they have Limited Time to respond to the Special Offer. Also includes a Special Bonus for responding sooner, “ ONLY The First 25 V.I.P Clients will receive an Exclusive opportunity to become Beta-Testers in our Revolutionary and Unique Client/Expert Engagement Network!”

clip_image013[1]    clip_image020[1]    clip_image028

Day 23: Testimonial Postcard # 2 arrives that says “I love you, Guys! You definitely saved my Project by recommending the Best Expert Resource on the Market – at the right time! Please remember that there are only a few days left to take advantage of our Special Offer!”




Day 28: “Time is running out” Email Sent


Day 29: “Final Notice” Fax Sent


Day 33: “Why didn’t you respond?” Survey Sent


Additional weekly/monthly Multi-media follow-up for at least 23 more months.

First, we automate this process through collaboration with AMS, then keep improving it all the time, by adding more partners and outsourcers


Do you want us to create exactly the same process for you and your company?

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