These 10 questions can change your life

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Val Slastnikov

There’s only a handful of Business Models out there. You can either be self-employed or join someone else’s business. When you are on your own, your level of success is totally dependent on you, in other words, your chances to succeed are not higher than 50%.

When you decide to join someone else’s business, everything changes, and your level of success in someone else’s business varies dramatically. Because you can’t control someone else’s business, you can only hope that you make profit or at least break even. Without knowing exactly what you’re doing, you may lose thousands of dollars and never see any profit at all.

I joined many OTHER PEOPLE’s businesses and I either lost thousands of dollars, or only made “peanuts”.


Because I did not pay attention. Because I thought it was “just like a job”. I thought that if I put in enough efforts, it will pay off. I thought if I invest enough time, it will pay off. I thought if I invest enough money, it will pay off.


As I told you before – I either lost thousands of dollars, or only made “peanuts”, just enough to get by.

I don’t want this to happen to you. So, if you want to learn from my mistakes – NOT YOUR OWN! – please pay attention.

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Every business has similarities – at least 10 of them. Here they are:

1) Start-up Costs (i.e. what does it cost you to start a business?)

2) Ongoing Costs (i.e. what will it cost you to run and grow your business?)

3) Control (i.e. to what extent can you make decisions in that business?)

4) Leverage (i.e. do you have a “Position of Power” in that business?)

5) Customer Base (i.e. the number of people that will buy from you in that business)

6) Growth Potential (i.e. your ability to grow that business by expanding the customer base or selling more products to the same customers)

7) Replicability (i.e. your ability to recreate this business somewhere else, like “Private label” it under your own brand, open a branch in another country, etc.)

8) Scalability (i.e. your opportunity to turn this business into a franchise, hire your own affiliates, etc.)

9) Multiple streams of income (i.e. an opportunity to make money in several different ways, like sell several products and services, sell online and offline, sell your own products and someone else’s, etc.)

10) Profitability (i.e. how soon you would be able to make enough profit that that business will be able to support you, pay your bills, take care of your family, etc.)

Problem is – most people, including myself are ‘gullible’, i.e. they fall in love with a certain product, company or service, and they completely forget to ask all important questions before they start, join or buy that business.

The lack of business knowledge and lack of measuring tools, the benchmarks to evaluate business opportunities ‘right upfront’ does not make things easier – it only makes things a thousand times worse!

I’ve seen people lose everything literally overnight, when they put all they had on the line, for the proverbial “Pie in the Sky”, for a mere chance, an opportunity to make a fortune, and retire wealthy, on an Island somewhere…


Success is a science. It’s a continuous testing lab, it’s a battlefield, it’s a symbiotic harmony of systems, processes and projects. It’s a machine that works on a set of rules, mathematic algorithms, mechanics and logic.

If you don’t treat it as such – I guarantee, YOU WILL FAIL!

Start Here

So, what I am driving at is this:

There’s no need for you to figure things out on your own. Let me offer you a simple set of benchmarks, very easy-to-use measuring tools for free – just take them and use them!

All you need to do is ask 10 easy questions when you have a chance to speak to the business owner whose business you consider starting, joining or buying. Then you analyze their answers according to the “Business Success Blueprint” methodology that I developed for you – and presto! You will be able to see for yourself how successful you will be in that business.

I will even make it easier for you. If you don’t want to bother asking questions, or if you don’t understand how to analyze the responses – just send me the basic info of the company/opportunity you consider starting, buying or joining – and I will do all the legwork for you!

Start Here

I will:

1) Contact the prospective Business Opportunity owner on your behalf (CONFIDENTIALLY and ANONYMOUSLY),

2) Ask all the questions,

3) Get all the answers,

4) Analyze your level of success in that opportunity,

5) Send you a detailed comprehensive report  – and

6) Your level of success in it, with an accuracy of +/- 10%

Other companies are charging hundreds, even thousands of dollars for a similar service. I suggest that you either do it yourself for free, or I will do it for you for only $60, with 100% refund guarantee – it’s totally up to you.

Set all the guesswork aside and get the ‘laser quality’ glasses you need today!

Start Here


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