Startup Junkie: Joel Comm Describes Journey from Gamer to Internet Millionaire

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Monday’s Startup Junkie Underground featured serial entrepreneur and Google AdSense expert Joel Comm. Comm walked the audience through his career over a decade of involvement in the Internet, from video game enthusiast to producer and star of “The Next Internet Millionaire.” A common theme across much of Comm’s success has been his repeated ability to identify and pounce on opportunities quickly.

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Comm’s first business came out of a desire to get video games for free, which led to the creation of “Dallas – Ft. Worth Software Review” and later the “National Software Review.”

This plan for free gaming took shape when Comm elicited reviews – for no payment – from the community on the newly formed World Wide Web in late 1994. To this end Comm created InfoMedia, Inc as a company and as a software review site, along with partner Ken Burge. This venture struggled until a Japanese conglomerate came knocking and offered to pay $5000 a month to syndicate the content. Thus began a string of entrepreneurial endeavors, a few resulting in failure but most ending in profitable success.

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In 1997, Comm came across a programmer who had created a site that allowed users to play card games online. He helped to re-brand the site to and expand both the offerings of games and increase the user base. was sold to Yahoo! in 1998 in Comm’s “first seven figure deal” and became Yahoo games. As a historical footnote to this deal, Comm’s caricature is still regularly featured as a player on this massively popular site. A variety of web ventures followed, including, which posts a variety of coupons from online retailers online each day. Comm noted that not all his ideas have been winners, citing “virtual-” which features ecards with celebrities like Hillary Clinton blaring “Whassup” (the site is still active if you have been searching for just the right message to send that special friend).

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The advent of Google AdSense in 2003, which enables website publishers to easily add advertising, offered Comm a platform for many revenue generating opportunities in the years to come. Comm realized that he could increase AdSense revenue more than threefold on one of his websites simply by changing different advertising options like placement and color. After completing his own experimentation, Comm wrote his first book on AdSense – a 66 page eBook which sold (think no publishing costs) for $77. This first edition generated revenues of $10,000 in the first week. The book is now on its fourth edition, having seen several iterations since the original launch. Comm has also ranged into other AdSense related products, like website templates that make it simple for publishers to incorporate AdSense revenue model.
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