How to Promote Yourself as a LivePerson Expert, Part 4: Experts opinion

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Rhonda Hope » (LivePerson Forum Moderator)

Rhonda Hope

Posts 295

We’re always looking for new and interesting Promote Yourself tips to pass on to our experts. But the best and most creative ideas often come from the experts themselves!

Do you have ideas of additional ways to promote your expert listings? We encourage you to share your opinions with your fellow experts–from places you’ve met new clients in the past, to spreading the word about your LivePerson profile.


These are the tips from LivePerson Experts themselves:

Gypsy Raven »

Gypsy Raven

Posts 409

“It’s good to put your link on your personal web site, my space, or any other place you’d like.

I also spent $20 on an ad with Bravenet to bring visitors to my site or increase the traffic. That helps because you go up on the pages when someone tries to “Google” you.

The best way to promote yourself is to write a nice, short profile, offer free minutes up front for people interested in checking you out, and stay logged in as much as possible. Works for me!”


Ms. Laura »

Ms. Laura

Posts 705

“I’ve found that if you belong to any forums at all put your link in your signature it will get picked up by Google – not to mention there are potential clients everywhere so spread your name around.”


SunTiger »


Posts 54

“You can certainly place an advertisement (for FREE) on Craigslist.

Blogging also helps (it gives readers a closer look into who you are as a person).”


Annette Marie »

Annette Marie

Posts 3

“I found a great way to promote yourself is to get business cards made by yourself or someone else with just your user name, your description and your [LivePerson] URL is a great way.  I put them up everywhere and hand them to everyone that I meet.  My fiancee even took a hand full and placed them in the lunch room of the factory where he works and it has definitely been something that has helped.”


Thinker Bell »

Thinker Bell

Posts 309

“Oh there are so much ways out there here is few that I have taken:

1: online chat rooms and answers services – like yahoo answers? I browse that sometimes and give some free advice with signing up my URL at [LivePerson] – when the reply is good it attracts other potential clients.

2- put your URL next to your messenger profile that helps potential friends to click and come to pay for your services.

3 – personal signature: its been a while my personal signature on my email contain my URL.

4- seasonal offers that I send not only to my entire mail list but also to most of my clients. I do not do that often but it brings them back to me. It is almost like a new book from a successful author – you come back to their mind and if you gave them a correct read they will say: oh I remember her, in fact I wanted to call her and ask this and this. I did one like this for the new year and it increased my income double on [LivePerson]!!!

5 – fair play – if you’re being fair and talk to them freely with no fear that they will cheat you, run away or don’t even pay you will feel great working with the client and the session will be so much flowing. My motto is this: if the client is not a trusted one then he loses good advice potential, if they lie they get wrong info and if they rate me horrible I usually send them a thank you letter and block them – lol.

6 – personal approach – the ‘copy and paste’ reply looks so annoying and they are – the clients – say it repeatedly. Invest in yourself. Read the questions. Some people out there need help, the others just play. If you read their question you will learn how to set them apart from one another and that will save the trouble from happening.”


Psychic Penny-Sue »

Psychic Penny-Sue

Posts 600

“There are a lot of places on line where you can do free press releases and do ads for yourself as well as going to free web hosting and doing a small makeshift site for free that directs people to [LivePerson].”


Clairvoyant Cariadion »

Clairvoyant Cariadion

Posts 133

“…Have you ever considered submitting your [LivePerson] profile in the search engines? Especially for free at Google. This way it can spider web through the different places, be directed towards your profiles (just like a web site) giving the description – as an example: discount price for new clients, etc). 

Like the old saying “great things happen to those who help themselves! Take care – Cariadion Big Smile


The High Priestess »

The High Priestess

Posts 158

I have spent over $600 last year “self-promoting” with a Banner link on 4 various big sites that have a monthly fee attached to advertising. I have a very successful pagan site where I have a psychic reading section and directs them to my [LivePerson] friendly URL. I have a Myspace, Facebook, and Buzznet where I have a banner I made directing to my friendly URL on here. I offer half price to anyone who tells me they came through my Web, myspace, facebook, buzznet etc, and have MANY people come through for that and tell me they did.




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  1. Google Ad-Words is a great way to advertise, you pick how much to pay per click (as little as a penny every time someone clicks your ad) to show up on thousands of websites a day in most cases.

    My highest impressions was about 6 months ago. My ad was seen over 40,000 times in just one day.

    Another one is buy a domain name ( and foward it to your personal link, use for free business cards and pass them out. All together it would cost about $15 USD give or take. If you need help check out for phone support.

    I will be setting up a blog here soon and post my advertising ideas and success with each one within the next couple days, keep me in mind and track my progress at

    Happy fathers day to all the fellow dads out there!

  2. You may also like to join ezdia another platform that makes people so easy to search you. eZdia also has its search engine, so if you have placed your profile correctly people should be able to find you and take your service.

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