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Now it’s official!

Rich Schefren is doing it again…

Remember when Rich Schefren released the Internet Business Manifesto?

I certainly do. Because it was like I was standing in a dark room, stumbling around in the inky
blackness…and someone turned the light on.

Let me tell you about my experience and how I came across the Manifesto for the very first time…

Have you ever experienced something that had such a huge impact on the way you think, the way you feel, and the way you act that it left you shocked for awhile, and then forced you to drop everything you were doing – or at least trying to do – and made you re-evaluate your situation and completely change the way you live and do business altogether???

Well, it was July of 2006…I felt like a total failure. I was frustrated, upset, depressed and I had no sleep. I was going through crisis: my business consulting career took a nose dive, my Internet marketing company ran out of both cash AND prospects, and all of the MLM companies I was with failed miserably – to the point that I could not possibly even associate my own good name with them!!!

That was the time when I’ve been painfully searching the Internet for the answers, desperately trying to understand,
“What is wrong with me?”
“Why am I working so hard but getting so little out of it?”
“Is it just me, or other people are struggling, too?”
“How come that everyone and the mother out there are bragging left, right and center about their “Success on the Net” while my accomplishments are so pitiful, or marginal at best?”
“Should I give up ‘My own Business’ idea altogether and find myself “A Real Job”, like they taught us at school?!…
…The answer came to me on that night in July from the place where I’d spent so many nights searching – the good old Google, my friends! clip_image001
I remember that the time was about 11:00pm when I stumbled upon THAT VIDEO. That video was so amazing that when I started watching it made my jaw drop so hard you could probably hear it crack as it hit the floor!…I kept watching until way past midnight, and when I finished watching it – I wanted to watch it over, and over and over again…


As a result of that video, my consulting career improved, I found the business opportunities that I wanted, I no longer struggle trying to “SELL” each and every prospect – heck NO! I have thousands of prospects that come to me every day – in fact, THEY seek me out! And I no longer have to spend so much time working within my business anymore…

Sounds too good to be true?

Well, I don’t know. How about if… you decide for yourself? Huh?!

But before you start watching it, I’m begging you: don’t rush through this video!
Put aside a good one hour and a half to watch it, and watch it COMPLETELY!

Because you WILL want to watch it again, you WILL have an urge to make notes, and you WILL start thinking differently after you watch that video – I guarantee it! If not, then maybe you should not even be looking for a business that works but go and find yourself “A Real Job”, like they taught us at school…

The Video I’m telling you about is called Business Building Presentation.” It was made by Rich Schefren, one of the smartest and the most influential Business Building authorities of our days, and you can search and find it on Google Video. In fact, Rich is famous for teaching the Internet Gurus on how to multiply profits in their online businesses in the hundreds of millions of dollars, so only this fact can be a reason enough for you to watch his video and try to learn from him how to build businesses the right way..

But, before you rush to search it on Google and then watch and absorb every word of Rich’s wisdom, let me tell you what I’ve done as soon as I finished watching that video… 


At first, I did my homework.

I crystallized my thoughts by focusing on the most important teachings of the leaders in the marketplace.

I read pages and pages of books, eBooks, biographies and free reports of the most influential people – all talking about Success as an Art and Success as a Science.

One of those books was called “The Secret”. It’s about the Law of Attraction. If you haven’t read it yet, or haven’t watched the movie with the same name – NOW is a good time to do it.

What I’m trying to say to you is this. Regardless of what you think Success is, anyone can be successful if you really put your mind to it – just don’t stop dreaming! If your friends and relatives are not more successful than you are – don’t listen to them! Find yourself a Mentor, a really successful person, learn from them and ask them to help you become what you want to become – and your chances of being successful in life will skyrocket.

If you don’t believe me, just keep on reading – and I’ll prove it to you.

After I watched the video, I received the Manifesto in the mail.

When I read the Manifesto, I finally had a clue about why my business was struggling…and what I could do to not only fix it, but make it
profitable beyond my wildest dreams.

And I wasn’t the only one.

Tens of thousands of entrepreneurs downloaded the Manifesto and applied Rich’s cutting edge principles to their business. And today, they’re
among the most wealthy marketers and business owners in the world.

Since then, Rich has released a series of reports that rocked the online community to its very core with their shocking predictions and amazing insights.

And now, he’s doing it all over again

That’s right–Rich has released a new report titled “The Uncertainty Syndrome“. And from all indications, this one’s going to blow the others away…

Inside, Rich gets down to the nitty gritty about what’s holding you back from success and how you can easily overcome those constraints to build a
wildly profitable business.

I can tell you this much–if this newest report has even HALF of the powerful strategies, tactics, and techniques that his others have, then you MUST
get a copy immediately.

And there’s simply nothing to stop you–because it’s absolutely FREE.

Rich is known as the “guru to the gurus” because of his incredible ability to take mid-level marketers and turn them into household names (and
multi-millionaires) VERY quickly…

And with this report, he’ll help you crush the roadblocks that are keeping you from your dreams and finally achieve the wealth, freedom, and
success you so rightly deserve.

This one’s a no-brainer folks…don’t miss out.

Talk again soon…

Keep smiling!


Val Slastnikov

*IT Solutions – Better, Cheaper, Faster*

P.S. So don’t miss out on your chance to get this
monumental report–get your copy NOW…


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  1. I have heard wonderful things about the abilities of this seminar and his instruction. I encourage all who can to take advantage of this great advice. It will help you become the best you can be.

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