What is in the package?

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A lot of you are wondering about the content of Rich Schefren’s Business Acceleration Program – without hype and any exaggeration – here’s what you will get – PURE CONTENT:


  • A simple, step-by-step Getting Started Guide to make navigating this massive program a breeze and to speed you on your way …
  • 10 lavishly produced Acceleration Session DVD videos – XX hours in all – that teach you every one of the most powerful online marketing strategies and tactics now being used by today’s top ten business-building authorities …
  • 9 Advanced Learning DVDs that double, then triple, then quadruple your productivity … and give you everything you need to harness the amazing profit-producing power of Web Marketing 2.0 …
  • A Bonus video DVD — Strategic Profits UNCUT that gives you a revealing glimpse behind the curtain and invites you to listen in as our ten top Business Accelerators reveal their most provocative secrets in a no-holds-barred open discussion session …
  • 28 audio CDs containing the soundtrack of every video module – so you can listen to every strategy, tactic and tool when you’re driving, working, exercising or just relaxing …
  • A 708-page Enhanced Acceleration Workbook – giving you edited transcripts and slides each expert presented … plus a special chapter on Masterminding by Jay Abraham … 11 MORE chapters by top copywriter John Carlton to help you craft sales copy that produces optimum results …
    PLUS two more chapters on how to increase your mental acuity and creativity by renowned learning expert Sunny Schneider … and even a comprehensive guide to arranging important joint ventures – including how to pitch them, sell them and even a contract you can use to formalize them … GO GET IT NOW!
  • A 314-page Strategic Profits 12-Month Marketing Blueprint crammed with every e-mail, blog post and sales letter they used to attract 200,000 leads and customers … and to earn $7.5 million online in the last 18 months…
    To become the #1 thought leader – the ultimate Maven in your industry – you’ll need ways to absorb information faster than your competitors do …
    And these two proprietary PC- and MAC-compatible programs help you do just that!
  • FasterAudio Sofware: Install FasterAudio in seconds … then use it to convert sound files into MP3s that play up to four times faster!
    With FasterAudio, you’ll be absorbing an hour’s worth of vital maven-making information every 15 minutes … and entire business books every two hours … while actually making it easier to absorb and remember what’s begin said!
    FasterAudio is the ultimate multi-tasking tool: You can listen to your FasterAudio files on your desktop or laptop and listen while you work. Or, burn them to a CD or download them to your iPod or other MP3 player and devour today’s best business books and research while you’re driving, exercising and even in your favorite easy chair.
  • AcceleReader Software: This remarkable software trains your eyes and your brain to read devour reading material two times faster … three times faster … even four times faster.
    Just watch the screen and Accelereader retrains you for maximum reading efficiency!
    BONUS: Study after study has proven that the faster you absorb information, the better you remember it!
  • A Master Maven Quick Reference Charts to keep you on track and speed you towards your ultimate goal – including my guides to help you process everything in your work environment quickly and easily and make sure nothing slips between the cracks … computer keyboard shortcuts for Outlook, Internet Explorer, FireFox, G-Mail, Mindjet and more – shortcuts that save Rich at least two hours of work time every day …
  • 14 full-color Process Maps that give you an instantaneous, at-a-glance mastery of every amazing business accelerating secret you’ll learn – including Rich’s comprehensive guides to gathering and organizing information, preparing project plans, creating Mind Maps and using other tech tools…
    Plus Tom McCarthy’s process for harnessing the power of your emotions to tear through your work faster … Mike Filsaime’s guide to creating massive viral interest online … Jeff Walker’s process for product launches … MaryEllen Tribby’s guide to multi-channel marketing … Les Hewitt’s process for creating focus and accomplishing your goals … and Scott Martineau’s guide to creating hyper-responsive customers … and much more …
  • Two of the most highly acclaimed posters Rich ever produced – actual copies of the ones he keeps next to his desk to guarantee every product he creates contains every element that ensures an explosive launch …
  • Rich’s favorite personal productivity software – two amazing programs — that make it a breeze to absorb, store and access the information you need to become your industry’s #1 maven …
  • And much, MUCH MORE!



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